Six Things to Know Before Buying Automotive Upholstery


If you want to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your car, you must focus not only on its exterior paint and sheen but also on interiors. Automotive upholstery can change your overall car’s interior, thus making it more stylish. A good-quality upholstery also offers comfort to all the passengers. 

Choosing a suitable auto upholstery fabric is essential. Car seat fabric also covers old stains and tears while adding a great style to your vehicle. 

Here are the top things to consider before buying automotive upholstery to maintain your car’s interiors: 

Choose the Right Material 

Car upholstery is available in various materials, thus choosing the right one may be a little confusing. Many people usually get confused between cloth and leather. If you want to make your interiors look luxe as ever, leather makes a perfect choice. Leather is easy to clean and can be maintained in the long run. 

This material is also good for families and kids. It offers a great level of protection to your car’s surface and saves you a lot of money in maintenance and dry cleaning. Apart from leather, you can also choose materials like faux leather, vinyl, faux vinyl, PVC, suede, nylon, brushed nylon, and so on. 

Size of the Upholstery 

Seat covers have two different sizes – custom seat covers and semi-custom seat covers. While many people choose semi-custom seat covers, we urge you to choose the former. 

It is because custom seat covers offer a perfect, seamless, and suitable fit to your car. They are created with specific dimensions of your car seats. They fit like a glove and offer you the utmost comfort. No matter how you are sitting, custom seat covers do not slip from your car seats. 

Comfort is Essential 

The car upholstery material should be not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable. Always choose breathable upholstery over non-breathable. Such fabrics do not restrict the airflow between you and the car seat. 

Breathable upholstery does not lock moisture or sweat, thus ensuring that your car’s interiors smell good. On the other hand, non-breathable fabrics lock moisture, sweat, mold, and mildew, thus making the fabric look dirty and smelly. 

Easiness to Clean 

A stinky car is the biggest turn-off. If your car seats smell like a locker room, nobody would want to sit inside them. Your car stinks because of sweat, food items, or the accumulation of external elements. 

Ensure that the car upholstery is easy to clean and maintain. It would be best to buy a waterproof car fabric because it is easy to wash and clean. Such fabric also provides maximum protection against the factors like bad odors, stains, and germs. 

Consider Your Budget 

While shopping for car upholstery, your budget should also be an essential consideration. 

Today, you can buy car upholstery under many price segments and budgets. Always put forth quality before the budget and then make a suitable choice. Many fabrics promise both an affordable price and superior quality. It is a good idea to buy them. 

Choose the Right Style 

It is also crucial to look for the car upholstery matching your vehicle and lifestyle. Pick the color that complements the other interior specifications of your car. Also, consider the style, UV rays protection, and additional factors to make your car journey more cherishing.

Choose a style that shows off your personality in the best way. Stick on more solids than prints as they are classic and never go out of fashion. 


Car seat upholstery has many varieties. Some fabrics offer durability and ease, while others promise style and comfort. Choosing the right one can make a tremendous difference in your driving enjoyment. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.