How to Find Legal Representation for Your Injury Case


After a personal injury, individuals must take action and file a legal claim against the person who is responsible. In a legal claim, the victim submits evidence that shows how the injuries happened and how they affected the victim. By reviewing how to find an attorney, clients can find a suitable legal representative quickly.  

Define What Type of Case You Have

Different personal injury cases have varying requirements, and an attorney can provide details to the client about what will happen during the case. When reviewing the events involved in the incident, the attorney explains what evidence the person needs to support their claim. If the case is a medical malpractice case, the person needs medical records showing which treatments the doctors provided and how the doctor injured them. Claimants can visit The Levin Firm if they have been injured by another party and need to start a legal claim. 

How to Review An Attorney’s Track Record

If an individual wants to review the attorney’s track record, the person needs to go to the courthouse and review public records. The information shows how often the attorney wins personal injury cases.

The individual cannot get explicit information such as how much the victim received in monetary damages, but the previous clients can provide the information. If the client wants to review these details, the person can contact the attorney’s previous clients.  

Do Your Friends or Family Have Recommendations?

Many individuals who sustain injuries turn to their friends and family for recommendations for an attorney. If anyone filed a legal claim, the loved ones can tell the victim about their own experiences with an attorney and explain if the attorney did a suitable job. If anyone had a negative experience with an attorney, the individual can explain why the services were not appropriate and what happened.  

Does the Attorney Have References?

Prospective clients can set up a consultation with an attorney to evaluate the legal representatives. If the clients want references, the attorney can provide names and contact information for previous clients. Previous clients can provide details about how the attorney managed their cases. If the potential customer is happy with the results of the cases, the client can hire the attorney. If previous clients have bad reviews, the person needs to find a different lawyer to represent them.  

Did You Confirm The Attorney’s Credentials?

All attorneys are required to have a valid license to practice law in the area. The prospective client must verify the lawyer’s credentials. Many attorneys list this information on their websites or through attorney listing services.

If there are any legal complaints against the attorney, customers may want to call the local bar association to ensure the attorney still has a license to practice law. While most attorneys are forthcoming with these details, there are some unethical individuals who would provide false information. Verification of the credentials is the only way to verify the information.   

Personal injury cases require an attorney to represent the victim and help the individuals seek compensation. When hiring an attorney, the clients must find a lawyer that understands the case type and all applicable laws. The laws define how the case proceeds and what evidence is required. Most personal injury cases require medical evidence and invoices for economic losses. By hiring the most suitable attorney, the clients must review all details about the individual. 

Written by Megan Taylor
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