5 Tips To Improve Your Lash Technician Skills


Recently, the boom of the eyelash industry is becoming apparent as you can see women of all ages getting the fabulous lashes that enable them to achieve the ‘woke up like this’ look. Gone are the days when long and lustrous eyelashes are only adopted on screens by models, celebrities, and famous artists. Eyelash extensions are paving their way into becoming a regular service that women would avail themselves of continuously.

Extensions are now a part of the beauty regime that many women would love always to have. Lash salons prefer to hire lash experts who have exceptional technical skills and are passionate about continuing learning and improving with their craft. While you’re already equipped with the necessary soft skills, it’s about time to brush up with your lash isolation and installation skills.

If you’re working in this growing industry and want to master your skills as a lash technician, consider the tips below:

1. Practice Installing Lashes

There really is no better tip than this. Mastery is achieved when you’ve done the task a thousand times. As a lash technician, it pays a lot to keep practicing. No matter how outstanding you already are, it’s still worth practicing your craft. You have to practice and continue isolating if you want to get better at lash isolations.

Become well-versed with using the lash technician supplies, and practice isolating the lashes into a model who’s willing to help you out. Ask around your friends, and maybe you can meet someone who can do their fake lashes in different layers and use other techniques.

2. Enroll In A Lash Extension Course

This next tip is another obvious but is a must-mention tip. Nothing beats how practical learning lash extension classes can be. It’s worth your time to take a lash extension course. Learn how to increase your speed and technique with tips and guidance from lash pros. Increase and grow your clients with incredible results.

Look around for any physical or online lash extension classes and enroll in one that can meet your needs and preferences. Some offer specialized skills that you may want to enhance or focus on, so take advantage of such courses. Maximize your education on everything about eyelash extensions o equip yourself with enough knowledge in the industry you work in.

3. Keep Your Hands Steady

As an eyelash technician requires constant sharp instruments and glues, having steady hands is essential to avoiding accidents. Being proficient with both hands is also necessary. Due to insufficient ambidexterity, many people struggle to use their other hand. To work as an eyelash technician, you will need to use both hands and be comfortable with it. If you want to improve this requirement, you may practice using both your hands when isolating lashes. You can try this out as you practice too.

4. Ensure That The Lash Adhesive Is Dry Before Isolation

An important holy grail when installing false lashes is that the adhesive should be dried up before applying them to the lids. If you don’t let the adhesive dry when attaching a lash extension, all your hard work will be for naught. Consider the time and effort wasted and how you might lose a valuable client just because you’re speeding up the process for no reason. Therefore, before isolating the next lash, always be sure the adhesive is set.

5. Experiment With Different Lash Methods

Maybe it’s time to try a new lashing pattern if you’re feeling stuck in the technique you started with. Fortunately, there are many methods you can experiment and practice doing so you won’t feel like you’re in a rut with your lash isolating skills.

Consider trying the following techniques:

  • Alternating Method: When you alternate between applying lashes to the outer corners of both eyes, you move back and forth and eventually end up at the inner corners of each eye.
  • Lash To Lash Technique: Using a lash-to-lash technique, you are placing an extension on one lash and then tying another lash right next to it, from left to right or from right to left, according to your preference.
  • Changing Angles: Moving around is nothing to be afraid of. You can significantly improve your isolation by changing your angle. The view of your client’s lashes is limited if you sit directly behind them, but if you move to the side, you have another perspective. You may even tilt their head from one side to the next. Let them know how you’re determining the best way to apply the lashes.
  • Taping Method: When you tape up the lashes, the bottom layers are first accessed to create a foundation. Once that is complete, you can access the top layers to complete the application. You can use gel pad tape, which is good for sensitive skin.


Once you get into a rhythm, you’ll start noticing how much you improved with your lash isolation skills. Give yourself enough time to grow as you polish your talents. As a professional, ensuring the safety and quality of your clients’ natural lashes should always be your number one concern. Hopefully, you can apply the tips mentioned above to hone your skills more and finally work your way into becoming a certified lash technician.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.