Best Accessories To Amp Up Your Winter Style


Leaves changing colors are indicating the onset of the winter season. As the cool air caresses our face, it is time for a style makeover and today we are going to show you how. Winter is considered by fashionistas as their favorite season for trying out a variety of looks – it’s all about layering.

Just as you get those blazers and long coats ready to face the winter chill, it is equally important to think about the accessories which hold the potential of either making or breaking your look. There are plenty of style guides out there, from earrings and bracelets to outerwear and shoes. Do your research!

  • Channel winter fashion by putting on a pair of stylish and cozy gloves. Here you can take your pick between diverse colors and textures. Choosing a bright-colored one can be matched with the hue of your shoes, scarf, or tie to elevate your entire look. A bright green piece can accentuate your style quotient on being paired with a black jacket. For more formal occasions you can opt for neutral pieces to keep your entire look toned down. You need to levy special importance to the texture of gloves you choose. Here you can opt for faux fur, leather, cotton, or wool for delivering comfort and looking stylish. 
  • Scarves serve as statement pieces of winter fashion that can help uniquely express your style. However, it becomes imperative to match the color and texture of your scarf with that of the gloves. You can also channel daring fashion by matching the pattern of your scarf with your hat or shoes. The scarf you opt for should bring together your entire look. It is best not to jumble up patterns and prints unless you are completely confident of the results. You can also use your scarf for wrapping your ears and buffer them from the chilly winds by substituting it for the traditional hat. 
  • Cozy socks are the perfect option whether you are lounging at home or packing for a vacation trip. The right pair of socks can jazz up your outfit as you style them with heels or your favorite boots. Fuzzy socks can be matched to perfection with your scarves, gloves, and winter hats. 
  • We usually relate sunglasses to the summer months. But did you know that it can serve as a potent accessory even during the winter months! A pair of chic sunglasses can elevate your style quotient while keeping your eyes buffered from the harsh winter sun. The cat eye glasses are flavored by ladies for their unique shape and the amazing look they can create on being paired with faux fur jackets. Polarized geometrical numbers can help you make the most of picturesque scenery while camping and look like a million bucks. You can complete your look by opting for a monochrome striped dress, a scarf, and classic oxfords. Round glasses can help fashionistas nail a scene-stealing winter look on being worn with a silk blouse, skinny jeans, and a pastel-hued cardigan. 
  • Earmuffs are the perfect choice for avoiding sickness during the winter months. You can experiment with funky designs like rose earmuffs which can be paired to perfection with fluffy woolens and a plain long skirt. The headband earmuffs can help you channel a bohemian look as you wear them with loose fitting woolen uppers, brown boots, and black jegging. Ladies nurturing a soft spot for glitters can bring home earmuffs with bling embellishments. These are perfect to get the party started as you turn heads with the pearl, lace, and glitter earmuffs which can be matched with your Christmas special dress. Standing out from the queue becomes easy with the abstract earmuffs in bright and colorful shades featuring clip-on and hair accessories. 


Winter is the best time to get the layering game on point. The abundance of accessories like the ones mentioned above allows adding a dash of style and color to your look. Just like the winter accessories mentioned above, selecting the right piece of jewelry is also essential if you wish to radiate a premium aura during the winter gatherings. Pearl accessories are a fail-safe choice that look regal on being paired with those long coats and other woolens in dark hues. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.