Three Ways To Make Your Flowers Last 2 Times More Than Usual


It is aptly quoted that in joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends. The presence of fresh blooms and scented petals make our mundane lives bearable. Apart from being a sight for sore eyes, flowers are equipped with a myriad of benefits. As per scientific research, flowers can boost our moods and lighten our spirits by inducing the release of the happy hormone called dopamine. Their presence can also calm down anxious thoughts as the stress-relieving hormone – serotonin – is triggered in the human brain when fresh flowers are around. Therefore, they have a veritable significance in religious functions and special occasions like weddings.

Furthermore, flowers not only soothe our personal lives but also facilitate our professional lives. Research shows that flowers can lift concentration levels and improve creativity. Hence, a bouquet of fresh roses in your workspace can help you think outside the side and excel in your career. So, we can safely assert that flowers are our friends, and we wholeheartedly need them to survive in this bleak world of despair and uncertainty. But, it is an undeniable fact that embracing fresh flowers comes with a price. It is quite a challenging feat to maintain flowers and keep them fresher for a longer time. But, if you love fresh flowers and are constantly looking for techniques to make them last longer, you are at the right place. We have curated the top three methods that will help your fresh flowers to thrive for prolonged periods.


The first step to making fresh flowers sustain longer is to select the newest of the lot. Whenever you visit a florist or the supermarket to purchase freshly cut blooms, make sure that you are vigilant enough to choose the ones that look novel. Furthermore, you can also opt for flower types such as lilies, carnations, zinnias, and chrysanthemums which are famous for lasting longer. Next, make sure that you cut the stem of the flowers immediately after purchasing them. But don’t cut the entire step. It will help trim them at an angle to absorb water from the bottom of the vase quickly.

Now that fundamentals are cleared, let us move towards the top three steps that you can follow to make fresh flowers last longer.

  1. PREPPING AND REFRIGERATING – To begin with, you must refrigerate your fresh flowers. There exists a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that flowers thrive better in relaxed environments. Cooler temperatures slow down the ageing process of fresh flowers. So, all you need to do is keep your vase of fresh flowers in the fridge each night before going to bed. Viola! Your fresh flowers are rejuvenated and all set to spread happiness the following day. Also, it is essential to prepare your fresh flowers regularly. Instead of using a sharp knife to trim your flowers, you can opt for a knife (non-serrated) or snips for gardening to chop off around 3 cm off the bottom of the steps of your flowers at an angle of 45 degrees. You should be mindful of cutting all the leaves that lie below the waterline as they can become the breeding ground for bacteria, thereby causing your flowers to wilt away sooner. If you are genuinely zealous about keeping your flowers fresher for prolonged periods, then vigilance is the key. Keep checking your flower vase regularly and remove all the dead or loose leaves and petals that prop up. 
  1. INCORPORATING FRIENDLY FOREIGN ELEMENTS – Incorporating foreign elements such as copper coins and aspirin into your fresh flower vase is an excellent way to keep your blossoms happy for longer times. The freshness of your flowers will sustain more if you add a copper coin with sugar and water inside your base. As copper is an acidifier, it prevents bacteria buildup and accumulation, thereby slowing the rotting process. Likewise, flowers also need something to eat, and adding sugar is the best technique to keep their hunger pangs away. A teaspoon of sugar, when added to the water of the vase, helps the flowers extract nourishment. Hence, they look more jubilant. Some other things that you can add to your flower vase to keep your blooms last longer include lemonade, bleach, vodka, and so forth. They kill the bacteria and help your blooms to live longer.
  1. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF FRESHWATER – It is noteworthy to highlight that with all the mix-ins and additions, it is of paramount importance that you change the water of your vase regularly. You should change the water of your flower vase every second day. The temperature of the water should be moderate, and you should also clean the flower vase thoroughly. Also, you can add an aspirin tablet into the flower vase to lower the water’s Ph levels. The salicylic acid present in the aspirin helps clean the water and remove all the flower-killing bacteria. 

Moreover, it is noteworthy to remember to spirits the petals of the fresh flower with water regularly. Don’t overdo the step but make sure that the petals receive some generous shower of water, as well. Lastly, the location of your freshly cut flowers is also vital in keeping them fresher for more extended periods. You must keep your flower vase in a cool and dry place that does not get any direct sunlight.

In conclusion, it will be safe to illustrate that keeping flowers fresher for more extended periods is not as challenging as it is assumed to be. With some basic and simple steps mentioned above, they will live longer and look more appealing for prolonged times. So, if you desire to make your loved ones feel special, make sure that you give them a bouquet of fresh flowers from The Flowers Club and share your invaluable insights on how to keep the blossoms blooming for further periods. Lastly, if not for your loved ones, give yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers and bask in their serenity.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.