8 Home Accessories to Add a Natural Touch


“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” -Aristotle

The decor of your home contributes a lot towards its looks (obviously), feel and aura inside the house. Choosing natural elements and items that remind you of the nature for your home decor brings about a sense of peace and calm in the house. Adding such elements brings a natural and organic appeal in your home decor, that could help you feel relaxed, refreshed and motivated.

In addition to this, with growing awareness about the environment in the recent times, more people have started truly appreciating nature and its elements, and have started working towards making their lifestyles eco-friendlier, and a little more connected with nature. Whether you want to decorate a new house, or transform your living space into something more rusty and natural, here are eight accessories you can add to your home.

  • A flower shelf

    What could give a more natural look and feel than literal plants? You can add a flower shelf displaying a number of plants pretty much anywhere in your home – the living room, balcony, patio, garden, or a bedroom to make it look more rustic and natural. Selecting a wooden flower shelf would be one of the best choices, as the wood complements the green in your plants and the vibrant colors in your flowers without overshadowing them. If you are not sure about which plant shelf to get, you can try looking for a nice lightweight one that can hold a number of plants and go with different backgrounds, tones and decor. Take this wood plant stand triangular shelf 6 pots flower shelf, for example.

    This plant shelf by costway.com can go well indoors, outdoors and with a number of different toned backgrounds with its wooden build, and can hold six different plants or other decorative items, displaying them in the best way! Plus, its triangular base makes it perfectly balanced and makes it sturdy and stable. It comes with a clear set of instructions and pictures, and is easy to assemble and move around because of its light weight. When you look for a plant shelf, you want it to be pretty, sturdy, the right size, stable and trendy and you want it to hold a number of plants without letting them overshadow each other and stay healthy.
  • Wooden bookshelf

    A wooden bookshelf can add just the right wooden, rustic look to your home. Plus, they will make the space look more organised and neat, adding a little class as well. Do not be afraid of mixing it up a little, adding a few plant pots here and there, and maybe some decorative pieces, turning it into a mix of a bookshelf and a flower shelf, making it look more natural and leafy. You can select a multipurpose shelf in the size and color of your preference and add natural elements to it according to your preferences.
  • Brick backdrop

    The natural feel that a brick backdrop can give you with its muddy appearance can truly add natural beauty to your home. In addition to this, a number of bricks joined with each other will give your wall or home a more structured look. You can use a brick backdrop behind something on your walls or you can make it the focal point of your living room, adding a few vines here and there, and a pretty flower shelf in the front to make it look as natural and give a forest-like or rural feel to your house.
  • Seashells

    The elements and accessories mentioned above can bring a forest-y feel to your home, but if you like the sea and want to bring in that feel as well, you can add some seashells too. You can fill up a jar with seashells that you have collected over the years, or you can get a similar decorative piece from a nearby store. Seashells can be found easily, especially if you are used to frequent trips to the beach. They can be used as candle stands, in a diy photo frame, around a flower shelf or rack, and more to give your house an antique beachy look.
  • Wooden finish

    From ceilings, to floors, to walls and what not, adding a polished wooden finish to any of these is one of the most popular ways to add a natural look to your whole house. It adds a warm touch and brings about a calming energy to the inside of your house and to you.
  • Waterfalls

    Waterfalls have a soothing and calming effect, and they can be brought into your homes with those artificial waterfalls and fountains made of glass. They can be used as room separators, statement pieces or as an addition to a plant decor or flower shelf to add an even more natural look. In addition to bringing in a natural element, artificial waterfalls also add a modern, minimal item to your decor, making it look a little more expensive and classy, especially when paired with a subtle lighting to highlight it.
  • Sunlight

    When thinking about natural decor, people usually think about wooden pieces and plants, and often forget about the beauty sunlight can add..Believe it or not, natural sunlight can be used as a design element in your house. It can add life to your living room or bedroom, and make it look and feel fresh. This can be obtained using a skylight, high window panels, or in some other way to let sunlight in, hitting the right spots without making the place heat up. Plus, on hot summer days, they can always be covered, letting in just a little amount of light and heat to give your house a warm, summer-y feel.
  • Stones and pebbles

    There are a number of ways to use stones and pebbles in your decor. You can assemble colorful and white rocks and pebbles as art pieces, add them to your waterfalls, fountains or to the plant pots on your flower shelf. They can be used to add color to your otherwise neutral hued decor, add neutrality to a wooden background, or add contrast to the wooden finish or deep colors in the background. You can also bring in chairs and tables carved out of bigger rocks to add a nice natural look.

These are a few ways to make your house look and feel more natural. If you like to be connected with the earth and its elements, adding these to your home will surely make you feel at peace inside. We know how confusing the number of options available out there can be. You can find just the right furniture on costway.com, filtering the items according to your size, color, material and pricing preferences. Not only that, you can also find a number of different appliances, pet supplies, plumbing equipment, hardware, and so much more on the website – pretty much everything you might need for your home, whether you are building a new one, or revamping your old decor. Looking for an almirah, a table, a plant stand, or a flower shelf? You can find just the right piece for your home on this website.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.