Top Trends In Vaping To Watch In 2022

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Vaping is nothing new, but like most things in the 21st Century, technological advancement means it’s changing and improving constantly. There are new vape trends being released all the time, new devices and technology that will change the way regulars are vaping. As we move into 2022, here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for, according to supplier Vape Store.

Pod System Sizes

Vape pod systems are e-cigarettes that use a “pod” rather than a vape tank or an atomiser as their primary component. After connecting a pod to a vape battery that is compatible with it, you are ready to go. They are constantly evolving, and today, larger systems than ever are being produced. Vape pods typically hold between 1ml and 3ml of e-liquid, however, the largest vape tanks coming on the market now can hold up to 6.5ml of e-liquid. This means the user can get more out of their system.

Fast Charging & Safety

To keep up with demand, vape manufacturers have introduced fast charging technology and longer battery life to vape systems. If you’re not a full time heavy user, you can generally get a few days’ use from your battery for most new systems. And when it comes to charging, USB-C chargers are becoming increasingly prevalent, which means that new vapes no longer require disassembly to charge them. With this charging system comes risks, so manufacturers are also upping the safety, adding overheating and high-wattage protection, as well as fail-safes to turn the vape off when charging is complete.

Vape Pens

Commonly used by former smokers who can’t break the habit, but want to downgrade their nicotine use, vape pens are easy to use, and are always changing in terms of style and usability. But coming up, vape pens are all about the enhanced style. Manufacturers already know people want vape pens, but they want to make them more efficient and more attractive. As such, they are constantly developing the technology and at the same time, creating gorgeous designs that customers love (while maintaining their compact, streamlined shape). Expect 2022’s generation of vape pens to be sleeker than ever and more powerful.

Nicotine Salts & Fruits

Used in pod devices across the UK, nicotine salts have been in the market for a few years, but their popularity is only really hitting its peak as we move into 2022. Nicotine salts are natural salts found in tobacco and benzoic acid and they allow the user to inhale high concentrations of nicotine, with a great flavour hit. Many people find these salts a great way to help them quit smoking. They’re getting more intense as well, so keep an eye out! And if you’re not a nicotine vaper, you’re going to love the experimentation that’s happening with fruit and other flavours. Don’t be surprised to see crazy combinations hitting the market that’ll knock roast chicken, tuna and wasabi right off the charts.

There’s plenty of excitement in store for vapers in 2022, so keep your eye out and stay ahead of the market and on top of the world.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.