Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens


Senior citizens struggle with recurrent health issues. The deteriorating age, weakening immunity, reduced movement – all play a major part. In such conditions, to keep them healthy, old age people often need recurrent medications, regular hospital visits and sometimes, daycare treatment. Therefore, if their needs are different, there has to be a different health insurance plan for senior citizens.

That’s what specific health insurance plans for senior citizens are. Let’s understand these plans in detail.

What exactly are health insurance plans for senior citizens?

Health insurance plans with amenities suitable for senior citizens are ideal keeping in mind their age and requirements. These provide benefits suited to the needs of old age. In addition, these can be leveraged at affordable premiums from the right insurance provider.

Why do you need a health insurance plan specifically for senior citizens?

Believe it or not, senior citizens are health compromised. When, how and what type of sickness they may encounter is uncertain. And sometimes, sudden medical emergencies push your financial limits off the rail and these impromptu expenses could disturb your finances overall.

Thus, to save yourself from such last-minute pocket burnouts, it is always advised to have a different plan ideally designed for senior citizens to cover them completely with essential benefits. According to IRDA, the right time to buy health insurance for old age people is now! Yes, anybody before the age of 65 is allowed and advised to buy a health insurance plan.

Factors you need to consider while buying a health insurance plan for senior citizens:

When you’ll start the road to your ideal health insurance plan, there will be countless plans and providers to compel and convince you. So, some research beforehand can help a great deal. Here are some of the essential factors-

Waiting Period
While buying a health insurance plan for senior citizens, the waiting period is crucial. As this is the time that doesn’t allow any claim settlements, it must be considered. A health insurance plan with the shortest waiting period is always recommended. A waiting period of 30 days is ideal.

Policy’s coverage
Think of a situation where your parents struggle with a heart disease but your policy does not provide claims for heart-related health conditions. Worrying, right? What benefits would that insurance give you? Practically, none!

Therefore, it is advised to always go through and understand what all the policy covers and excludes. Does it include prolonged hospitalization cases? Or does it include coverage for surgeries or organ transplants? Always go through policy inclusions and exclusions thoroughly before buying.

Understand if your policy covers daycare treatments, pre & post hospitalization like facilities, these provide you extra security.

Hospital Network
This factor becomes critical when your parents need frequent and recurrent hospital visits. The network of hospitals that are associated with the insurance provider can affect how conveniently you receive healthcare. So, know the hospitals near you have a tie-up with your insurance providers. All this would decide how beneficial your health insurance plan for senior citizens would be for your parents.

How to make sure you buy health insurance plans for senior citizens from the right provider?

In the initial steps of shortlisting the best provider, the variety of providers, different plans, amenities, benefits, etc. overwhelm and confuse buyers. In such a scenario, a little help on how one can get their ideal provider can save them from a dilemma. Here are some of the factors common among all reliable health insurance providers-

  • IRDA registration
  • Claim settlement process
  • Claim settlement ratio
  • Customer support
  • Cashless facility
  • Claim bonus
  • Tax benefits

Where to buy a health insurance plan for senior citizens?

In this digital era, one can buy insurance online as well from the physical offices of providers. One such efficient provider with affordable plans and balanced amenities is Care Health Insurance.

Written by Megan Taylor
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