Are the Fast Fashion Brands Really Worth It?

With a multitude of fast fashion brands and retailers taking over and sweeping everyone off their feet, it is essential to know which one of them is worth the money. 

You must be familiar with fast fashion brands like Shein, Prettylittlething, Zaful, Lulus, etc. These bands have been on the radar for the past few years, and they only seem to be growing. But there’s a brand called Shewin that I recently came across. They provide their customers with quality products, all the while keeping up with the trends.

Not only is their clothing line affordable, but it also lasts a long time which leaves the customer feeling satisfied with their purchase and always makes them want more.

Recently, one of the fast-fashion retailers, Shein, gained popularity for providing people with cheap, low-cost trendy clothes. Not only them, but Lulus also has emerged as a trendy fast-fashion retailer.

People look for quicks solutions, that’s a fact, and to get their fix, they would go for options that are accessible as well as comparatively cheaper than other brands. I mean, $8 for a top? Most of us would not even think twice and jump right in to catch up with the trends in an amount that low.

But with most of these retailers providing the same quality low-priced products, it is good to keep an eye out for brands that care not only about their customers but also the environment. 

Shein: An Inconsistent Fast Fashion Brand

With low cost comes cheaper quality and I am of the opinion that clothes should last a few months before they are completely worn out. However, I recently realized that most fast-fashion retailers like Shein often overlook the quality of their products to provide the masses with trendy fits. And that is a deal-breaker for someone like me who needs a good quality product that doesn’t look tattered after a few wears.

Shein is an online fast fashion company that began in 2008 in China and is famous for its super-cheap women’s clothing. Their tagline goes something like “Everyone Can Enjoy The Beauty Of Fashion”, and following this, they provide their massive customer base with trendy clothes.

Shein primarily sells women’s clothing and has an expanding assortment of accessories, shoes, children’s clothing, and men’s clothing. The company has grown in popularity on social media because it offers its items to Instagram influencers by providing them free apparel to test in sponsored commercials.

But Shein is not known for providing consistent quality, and many influencers agree with that. There have been certain instances where Shein didn’t meet the quality expectations that customers had for them.

What is

All this talking about fast fashion brands and no mention of Lulus? There is another pretty popular brand known as Lulus., an online shop selling chic and cheap clothing for the past twenty years, have made their name in the market. Their website has a wide range of trendy outfits, shoes, and accessories in various colors and sizes. 

Whatever the event or season, you’ll almost certainly find the perfect or ideal clothing. Lulus is made to be incredibly trendy. I should keep my overview short because everyone who enjoys shopping or has looked for items online is already aware of

Although online retailers charge you less and make it a lot convenient to shop with them, you still need to think twice before spending your money on something that won’t last you very long. Sure, everything comes with a price, but you need to be mindful about your spending since it’s not only about the quality of the products; it’s more about what you’re contributing to.

Fast Fashion brands like Shein and Lulus claim to use environmentally friendly products. This claim is that it is impossible to specify what Shein means when they say they put in every effort to acquire recycled cloth. We would need to see current facts and figures regarding recycled materials utilized, estimates for the future, and future targets for this to be a sincere statement about their dedication to sustainability. The claim alone doesn’t inform us of how ethical their practices are.

Shewin for The Win!

With that said, why shop at fast fashion brands that do not even offer quality when you can browse through good quality clothes from Shewin, where style does not take a backseat? Furthermore, unlike most fashion brands, they provide their customers with high-quality clothes made out of good material that does not wear out after using it for about a couple of months.

Not only that, Shewin releases and restocks about three hundred clothes each week, which allows customers to browse through their website and pick for themselves the fit they like the best. Like Shein and Lulus, Shewin has a wide range of hot and trendy clothes at affordable prices—everything from women’s jeans to shoes and purses is available on their store online.

So to say that you have to go astray from your moral radar to get your hands on fast fashion isn’t entirely wrong if you have your reasons. But if you think you can invest in a product that will last for a long time and provide quality for quantity, then Shewin is the brand for you. 

We frequently encounter fast fashion clothing reviews online that put emphasis on shipping quickness, affordability, and how “pretty” the clothes are in person. But when it comes to the actual clothes and the materials they are made out of, we seldom see someone discussing is their product quality good or bad.  In most people’s opinion, the quality is poor. And the fact that it isn’t great isn’t surprising.

The Takeaway!

So to conclude, not all fast-fashion retailers are wrong, and not all of them provide their customers with low-quality products for a low price. 

Suppose you’re a fashion enthusiast and want to invest in a brand that keeps up with the trends, all the while ensuring that their retail practices are ethical. In that case, you must consider making purchases from Shewin, since it’s one of the best options for you to go for if you want Shein and Lulus style clothes for the season and that too to last you a long time.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.