7 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women

If you have long hair currently, and are considering trying out a short cut-take a look at the possibilities, we have gathered here for you to look at. Short haircuts are much more versatile now than they once were; even the classic pixie has evolved into something much more interesting and edgy if you still like to change your look even with a short haircut.

We have gathered some here for you to consider and hope that you find what you are looking for.

Classic pixie cut

Photo source: Instagram

This classic pixie worn here by this young lady has fluffy, full layers in the bang and crown areas, bumping them up with a medium barrel curling iron for lots of volume and bounce. This is a great short hairstyle for woman on the go, or for those of you who just do not care for taking a lot of time with your hair. If your style needs to be more dressy, hair jewelry is a hot trend and “just what the Doctor ordered!”

Sleek formal short cut

This close to the head style see on Rachael Wood, is kept feminine with a soft wave in the front. This is an example of a more formal style for a short haircut.

Layered bob hairstyle

Photo source: Instagram

If you want a short hairstyle but want to retain just a bit of length, try this layered bob cut, just like Chelsea Kane’s bob hairstyle.  At just a little below chin length this style has lots of texture and volume and really shows off highlights! For anyone with thick, coarse hair, the shag cut is a great way to avoid the hours of battling with your hair trying to get it exactly how you want it.  Shag hairstyles are really back in style and that’s good news for many black women. Hairstyles that are supposed to look shaggy are perfect for those of us who have moved away from chemical straighteners and need a trendy, casual natural style!

The choppy mullet haircut

Photo source: Instagram

If you like the choppy look, this girl’s “do” is just the right cut!  You have the option of loads of volume and texture as seen here, or go softer, more relaxed and natural with your look. Celebrity Chris Jenner also sported this style before.

Balayage bob hairstyle

Photo source: Instagram

If you happen to be between lengths, growing from a short cut to a mid-length or long style, this cut has lots of forgiving layers and great texture. This makes for a messy look that hides the uncomfortable in-between point between hairstyles. Victoria Beckham loves to wear bob hairstyle, just like this one. This look is all about definite lines and its stacked back calls attention to a pretty neck. This is an attention getting style to be sure, however, it is high maintenance and you will need to make frequent trips to your stylist to keep your lines nice and clean and layers trimmed. 

The center parted pixie cut

The pixie is a timeless classic, and its cute good looks prove that, decade after decade. However, some now have more length in the crown and bang area to make them a little more versatile for styling. 

Chin-length bob hairstyle

Photo Source: Instagram

A razored, chin length bob as seen here on this lady, gives this classic short bob hairstyle a modern edge-great for the fashion forward thinkers, Emma Watson loves to wear this cut and very short pixie cut. 

As you can see, short hairstyles have indeed come a long way over the years. If you are looking for a change in style for your short haircut there are many trends that you can draw from, and never repeat your style more than once a month if you choose! Most of the trends are vintage inspired such as; finger waves, pin curls, Marcel waves and braids as well as hair jewelry. Hair jewelry consists of rhinestone-encrusted hair-combs; hairpins, headbands, and barrettes-flowers and ribbon are also very trendy. 

Always remember to consider your facial shape, personality and lifestyle as you are considering your new haircut. If you are thinking of a more formal style, consider combing your hair back and around your ears and making a large wave in front, or do it all in finger waves-add some hair jewelry for sparkle to finish.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.