Photos from the Big Day: What Should Be Captured in a Wedding?


As the bride and groom enjoy their special day with everyone engrossed in cheering on their future, it can be easy to forget to photograph the moments they will want to cherish forever. That is unless they hire a photographer to do the job. Then again, it is still important to emphasize what you want to be captured at your event, especially if it is a ceremony that can last a lifetime. 

With the surge in the number of ceremonies held this year, the right professional must be booked early. Scouting through portfolios online can help, but if you have the opportunity to go to a studio, it will be better to see the photographer face to face. After all, the planning stage of a ceremony can have an impact on how happily married couples will be. This includes the prenuptial images before and the honeymoon shots after the marriage. 

So, to make sure that all the pictures you want will be taken and that all memories you want to cherish can be cherished through a photograph, here are the top three most photographed moments at a marriage ceremony: 

“I Do”

The climax of the ceremony is when the officiator asks the bride and groom if they are willing to take each other; to have and to hold, for better or worse. As they catch each other’s gaze, the photographer must find a way to capture their love in turn for the pivotal “I do.” It is a still image of passion and awe at the moment.

There should also be an emphasis on what the couple exchanges during the ceremony, such as their vows. Also, depending on the couple, they might like to focus on the themed items of their special day, like Star Wars wedding bands. It is a way of highlighting what the two shared and offered during the marriage ceremony. 

When the couple unites as one entity, it must also be reflected in the image. A focused photograph will distinguish the newlyweds from the guests, possibly implying that it will be them against the world. The significance of capturing the moment they both say “I do” lies in their eagerness to promise their commitment to one another on that day. 

Caked with Love

At the reception, many moments can bring a lighthearted laugh or cheer to the guests and the newlyweds. One of these special cases is when they both approach their cake together. There are at least a couple of ways the bride and groom can approach this. They can playfully grab a handful of cake and feed one another or simply slice it and give the significant other a taste of their love. 

Whichever style they choose, the photographer must anticipate the kinds of images needed to commemorate that moment. For instance, if the couple decides on a playful approach to the cake, some action shots may be in order. On the other hand, a formal image can continue to focus on the bride and groom, isolating them from the crowd. The important thing is that the smiles are caught on camera for people to recall the special moment. 

Dancing as the Mister and the Missus

The first dance as a married couple brings warmth to everyone in the room. As love from the bride and groom emanates throughout the reception, it will be the ideal perfect image of the love they share. The newlyweds finally get to relax after the formalities, swaying to a beat that their hearts know and follow. Capturing this moment will easily bring the smiles back on the faces of every guest that comes across the photograph. 

Depending on the couple’s dancing style, the photographer must (again) anticipate the decisions made before the reception. They can ask about the song for the first dance, using it as a basis for the shots they will have to make during that part of the program. At the same time, the couple might also appreciate the reactions of their guests during the dance, so it can help to have multiple cameras capturing the moment. 

Although there are other special occasions during the ceremony that must be photographed, the aforementioned are moments that a wedding album will be incomplete without. These will be the pictures sought after by the bride, groom, and guests. This is why it is crucial to have a conversation with the right photographer about which shots they should take. This way, the right and most unforgettable moments can be captured without any problem.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.