Chris Paul: One of the Most Stylish NBA Players


You know what, I’m not gonna lie to any of you. I’m one of the least stylish people you’ll ever meet, in every sense of the word. Back in the day when I used to play football, I was a typical right back or center midfielder, throwing in tackles and pinging long balls forward. None of this flashy stuff, no stepovers, no nonsense.

Bit of pace and good vision was all I was bothered about. In terms of fashion sense I have uhhh, zero. Jeans and a novelty T-Shirt is my go to, sometimes I stretch that to a football shirt and occasionally I wear shorts, I DO like a nice pair of trainers though you know?

Now none of that is to say I don’t appreciate style, or that other people are stylish, I just don’t care too much for it myself, I don’t think it’s worth the effort or in terms of fashion, the money involved. I keep getting adverts pushed into my facebook from some big name fashion brands and I’ll be honest, some of the ‘looks’ they go for are absolutely out of this world. I’ve never fully understood fashion and based on what I see, for the most part, I’m not interested. BUT, if you’re somebody who is in the limelight all the time like NBA star Chris Paul and you’ve got a fair bit of money burning a hole in your pocket, it’s somewhat understandable that you’d want to be seen in a particular way right?

So lets put yourself in the shoes of someone like Chris Paul, a man who plays for the Phoenix Suns is going to be in the spotlight quite a lot, not to mention he has money to BURN, his current contract is a 4 year $120m contract giving him an average salary of around $30m a year plus $75m when he signed. His contract is up in 2025. But he’s set for life as long as he’s not daft with his money right? So you know, stay away from throwing his money at his sport, which I’m pretty sure is against the rules for a professional athlete anyway at least I know it is in football (soccer). Stay away from the two D’s (drink and drugs) and invest your money the right way and your entire bloodline will never have to lift a finger again, is that the way it tends to go for professional athletes? Under pressure to be something they’re not for the most part? Not really, but it’s easy to say what to do from the outside looking in right?

The big questions then when it comes to style, WHO does Chris Paul rep? Where does he shop? How much does this man spend on his outfits? Does he have a stylist or does he pick his stuff himself? Well don’t worry, as a very unfashionable man, I’m here to find out the answers to those questions for you! So strap in, or strap up? I don’t know, straps appear to be fashionable, I TOLD YOU I KNOW NOTHING!

First up then, I’m going to answer the final question I asked above, very stylish of me I know. Does Chris Paul have a stylist? The answer to that is yes. That stylist is Courtney Mays. Courtney is the big name stylist behind all of the most ‘stylish’ and ‘fashionable’ players in the NBA. Names like Serge Ibaka and P.J. Tucker also work with Courtney, she has built up quite a reputation over the years. Chris’ goal this season was to show a more cozy vibe than a super smart tailored look and I think he’s got that in the bag, though the pants are questionable in my opinion.

Next, what are the big name brands that Chris Paul likes to represent? Well, in terms of an athletic brand, Chris mostly reps Nike, loves a nice pair of Jordans or react elements depending on the mood. When it comes to more fashionable brands Chris has been known to rep Gucci, Maison La Biche, Rhude, We.Society and Dolce and Gabbana, you know, all the big names. But where does Chris acquire his clothes? Well, most of his full outfits are acquired by Courtney, but he is known to shop at all the big brand stores as well as having people COME TO HIM with clothes. Imagine being that big? I can’t imagine it.

Well that’s gonna do it for this one, it appears that unlike the NBA betting lines for the Phoenix Suns, the odds of Chris Paul being best dressed appear to be very high. And again, I’m not a very fashionable person, I’ve never claimed to be, I have no style. That’s why people like Courtney exist, to keep those of us without a keen eye for a trendy look in check, one day, I’ll be rich enough for her to set me on the right track too, watch this space! Pst..Probably not.