What Style of Shoe Should a Bride Wear?


Shoe shopping is a challenging task at the best of times but choosing bridal wedding shoes can be even more so. With much anticipation placed on what the bride will wear on her wedding day, the shoes are an important feature which can beautifully complement the dress and complete the overall look.  

There are endless choices when it comes to bridal shoes. You can choose from an elegant heel, a stylish flat shoe or even wear something completely unexpected and colourful. Do not be afraid to break from tradition when it comes to purchasing wedding shoes. Find something that reflects your own personal style, this way you will be your most confident self and will be able to put you best foot forward on your wedding day. 

Open or closed toe

A simple guide when deciding between an open or closed toe footwear is to consider the season and climate in which you will be getting married. Open toe for warmer, summer months and closed toe for cooler, winter weather. However, it not a steadfast rule. In reality, you should choose the style of wedding shoes based on your personal preference. 

Heels or flats 

Bridal heeled shoes are the usual choice when it comes to completing the outfit. There are a great variety to choose from. One thing to bear in mind when selecting shoes is the heel heigh. If you never normally wear heels from one year to the next, then don’t buy the highest heel in the store.  Instead find one that will allow you to move comfortably throughout the day. 

Alternatively, you could decide to wear flats. Flats shoes make more sense if you are planning a beachy wedding or a garden ceremony. Where heels will get stuck in the ground, flat will allow you to move freely and dance all night long. 

Quirky choices such as trainers or high tops are growing in popularity among brides too and a fun way to show your personality on the day. 

Nude or ivory

White, ivory and soft nude shades are traditionally the most popular choices when it comes to bridal footwear. A shoe in one of these colours is sure to be complementary to your dress and guarantee a cohesive look overall. 

But if you are looking to add a twist to your wedding day style then a surprising pop of colour would be fun. You could wear your favourite colour or pick one of the colours to match the theme or flowers of the event.  Many brides even chose blue heels as a nod to the tradition of the bride wearing “something blue”.

Simple or detailed

Whether you select a simple heeled pump, a velvet or satin shoe or a glittering statement heel, really it is down to your own preference. Each one will make a stunning addition to your dress. 

If you are wearing a long gown, remember very little of the shoe will be visible, so adding sparkly adorned shoes is not necessary. On the other hand, if you are wearing a mini or midi length dress or a gown with an asymmetric hemline then the added embellishment of a sparkling heel would look fantastic and almost act as a piece of jewellery to accessorise the dress. 

It is clear that there are no rules as to what type of shoe a bride should or should not wear. Instead purchase a shoe that reflects your style and personality, one that makes you feel your very best. If you are both confident and comfortable in what you wear you will look the radiant bride. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.