Top 8 Pop Culture Inspired Casino Memes


Memes are funny because they are witty, instantly relatable to the viewer / reader and incorporate an element of surprise in the form of a punchline or delivery. Trying to explain a meme is like trying to elaborate on why a joke is funny, it is sacrilegious and removes the fun out of funny.

So, why then would we want to explain some of the top pop culture inspired memes instead of just showing them to you? Well, we are confident that you will get most memes right away, but if you don’t get the references for any of them and you are curious about the meaning, the explanation is right there.

Llyod and Harry from Dumb & Dumber

The Dumb and Dumber movie is a pandora’s box of jokes where hilarity ensues in all forms. Be it the sheer stupidity of Lloyd and Harry or their distasteful hairstyles, it also makes for perfect meme material in terms of visuals. So, no wonder that scenes from this comedy film have become popular meme templates where you can just plug in the words to create a sweet and short meme.

For casino players and dealers alike, this meme hits close to home because of how true it is. In fact, the truth in the contrast between the experiences of casino players vs. that of casino dealers is exactly what this meme highlights and milks for laughs.

This is a classic split screen (quadrant) format meme. In the top half, you can see Harry and Lloyd in the car and they both seem upbeat and excited. In the next scene, Lloyd and Harry are driving home from the casino and they’re not happy. When applied to dealers at live casino sites, this meme takes a different turn. Our protagonists are happy driving home from work, and pretty sour driving to work. This little dichotomy perfectly reflects two sides of the gambling world.

Pikachu in Denial

Pokémon might be a little dated but this meme certainly transcends time. In this spilt screen meme, the visuals and the dialogues are directly adopted from the 2019 movie ‘Detective Pikachu’. In the top half of the meme, Pikachu is grabbing onto a cup of coffee with both hands and seems thrilled to have it as he says ‘I can stop whenever I want’ and as he sets it down on his table with hopes that it will boost his investigative work, he utters to himself ‘These are just choices’.

Pikachu is definitely in denial about his caffeine addiction, not unlike habit gamblers that don’t want to face their addiction until it hits them in the face. Funny, but also dark!

South Park crew playing World of Warcraft

South Park has no boundaries and will make fun of all subjects without caring two hoots about who they offend. A particular scene from South Park episode ‘Make Love, Not Warcraft’ is a perfect meme which can be applied to gamblers as well. In this episode, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny are at the computer lab playing World of Warcraft, they are visibly addicted to the game and have become twice their usual size because all they do is sit and play Warcraft.

The imagery looks very much like four sedentary individuals wasting their lives away in front of slot machines, a sight far too common at any casino. No wonder it makes for the perfect gambling meme.

Michael Jordan – It is just a Hobby

MJ is arguably the best basketball player of all time. It is also common knowledge that he liked to gamble. At the time, the amount of money he gambled with may not have been substantial to him, but they were enormous amounts by commoner standards.

When asked in an interview about his gambling, Michael nonchalantly replied ‘It’s just a hobby’. His cool reply and smile gave birth to one of the most iconic gambling memes on the internet.

Alan from The Hangover

If there was one character from the movie ‘The Hangover’ who was a total oddball that made us laugh till our stomachs hurt, it was obviously Alan. The boys head out for one last bender before Doug’s marriage to Las Vegas. Alan has his own plans and spikes all their drinks, including his own, with a dose so potent that none of them can recollect the events of the previous night.

One of the best moments from the movie is Alan saying ‘It’s not gambling if you know you’re going to win’. It’s needless to explain why this scene and dialogue makes for the perfect gambling meme.

Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ being Barney

While seated at their usual pub, Ted Mosby says to Barney that he isn’t giving him anything to do so Barney can dedicate his full focus to controlling his gambling problem. To which Barney replies, “Problem”?? Oh, poor Superman, he should really do something about his flying problem. It’s not a problem if you’re awesome at it.

Bender’s Blackjack Utopia

Bender from the animated TV series Futurama is an inebriated robot that says darndest things. He is hedonistic and loves to indulge. In one episode, Bender is thrown out from Luna Park, a moon-based casino from the future, and he retorts by saying “I’m going to build my own theme park…with blackjack and hookers”. The scene makes for exquisite meme material which has been used generously by members all over the internet.

James Bond’s will to live and play another hand

The scene from Casino Royale where Daniel Craig manages to stumble back to the poker table after surviving being poisoned is gambling meme gold, especially considering his dialogue “That last hand nearly killed me”. A true testament to gamblers’ never say quit spirit.

Written by Megan Taylor
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