The Best Ideas for Love Story Photography


Photographs that capture love and demonstrate a strong connection between couples are high in demand on stock platforms. Many businesses turn to these visuals when it comes to advertising, because they evoke heartfelt emotion. Here, you will find tips and ideas for love story photoshoots, and learn how to work with a couple when you are photographing them.

Love Story Photography Features

Love story photography will typically feature a couple interacting with each other in a tender and loving manner. These images demonstrate togetherness, unity, and adoration. Pre-wedding photos are a popular choice. Capturing the feel of the couple’s connection is key. It is the responsibility of the photographer to tell their story. Romantic settings can also be a feature of this genre.

Love story photographs can be captured in a studio, outdoors, or in a room that has been set up with props and a romantic background. Anywhere the couple feels comfortable and can act naturally will work best. 

As the photographer, try to make your camera an extension of your body, and not something alien that can make the couple feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. Try to find poses for couples that they feel comfortable with.

Best Ideas for Love Story Photography

Here are five ideas for creating beautiful love story photos:

  1. Black and white studio photography is very well suited for this genre. Scenes that are reminiscent of movies from the golden age of Hollywood are a perfect fit. They’re romantic, intimate, dramatically lit shots that do a good job at demonstrating a connection and sharing a story. 
  2. A ‘Summer picnic’ theme taken in a local park or forest. Outdoor lighting is your best friend; you won’t have to worry about equipment, and your shots will look authentic. All you need is your camera. This is a lovely theme for a pre-wedding shoot. 
  3. Fine art photography that recreates scenes from a favorite love story. It can be effective to recreate a timeless romantic film or novel. Try to capture the scenery and poses as close to the original as possible, however, adding your own spin to it won’t hurt. 
  4. A ‘Day at the beach’ theme showcasing a couple engaging and having fun near the sea. This can bring out the couple’s fun, playful side. 
  5. Pictures that showcase a couple engaging in a shared hobby demonstrate togetherness and unity. They also show viewers how strong the couple’s love is.

Many brands use couple photos in their marketing content. Expanding your portfolio to include these types of pictures can add to your collection of stock images for commercial use. The above-mentioned ideas will help you grow your reach and potential.

Tips on Working with a Couple During a Photo Shoot

  • Prepare and visit your location ahead of time – plan a route with shooting locations so that your couple does not have to wait around. Otherwise, you might kill the atmosphere and emotion surrounding your subjects.
  • Be prepared to take spontaneous, unplanned shots to help capture the authentic and intimate moments.
  • Understand that you’re not shooting professional models. Your couple will most likely feel apprehensive and shy in front of the camera, which is why you’ll need to give them direction and make them feel comfortable.
  • Speak to the couple ahead of the shoot to build a stronger connection with them. Find out if the couple has a hobby that they carry out together. If so, this could be a good starting point for your shoot.
  • Be friendly with the couple and try to take your shots as you all chat and feel relaxed. Avoid lengthy set-up times for your photos. 

Remember, the more fun the couple has during your shoot, the better the photos. If the couple you are photographing has their own ideas about locations or scenes, try to work with those ideas if possible. Hand shots can put the pair at ease, as people usually feel more confident when their faces are not being photographed.

To Sum it Up 

Love story photographs will help you find new bookings among couples who wish to document their relationship. It can also help you get noticed by brands, as this is an extremely popular genre in marketing. Although It can be tricky to work with amateur models,  understanding how to build a connection with people will help your shots, and also allow you to grow as a photographer. Use our tips to make the most out of your next love story photoshoot.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.