Smaller Breasts Are the Big Thing in 2021


Many women consider breast augmentation to meet their aesthetic goals. But not everyone wants to have large implants; there was a time when oversized silicone or saline implants were the norm.

In 2021, breast augmentation is still popular, but a more natural look with realistic-sized breasts is in style.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, learn more below about why women choose smaller breast implants this year.

Create A Long-Lasting Natural Look

More women understand that breast augmentation is an investment in their appearance for today and 10 or 20 years from now. During those years, your tastes might change.

Large breasts were popular 15 years ago, but many patients who chose large implants then have revision procedures today. Why?

Tastes in recent years have changed to a more natural, fit appearance than one that makes it obvious a woman had implants. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that smaller breast implants have been trending for several years.

Dr. Ashley Steinberg in Houston says, “Smaller breast implants are a fantastic way for my patients to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look but is impossible to tell from real breasts.” Women who want to look more feminine can achieve that with smaller implants.

Steinberg also points out that smaller breasts are lighter than bigger ones, so patients also will experience less sagging. They also can maintain a firm but natural look that will last years without revision surgery.

Enjoy More Vigorous Workouts

Staying physically active is essential to maintain your health and keep fit and looking young. It’s also a big reason that many women are choosing smaller implants.

Large breasts can interfere with intense workouts, such as aerobics and running, making it more difficult for a woman to perform at her best. On the other hand, smaller breast implants stay put without needing a restrictive sports bra.

Yet, when a skilled plastic surgeon performs breast augmentation with smaller implants can still accentuate a woman’s curves.

Better Results

To have the best breast augmentation results, skilled plastic surgeons try to disguise the edges of the breast implants with existing breast tissue.

The top part of the implant is usually placed under the pectoral muscle, and the bottom half of the implant is covered with fat and breast tissue. Covering bigger implants is more complex than small ones, especially if patients have an A or B cup.

Larger implants may look too round or sit too high on the chest, so small implants can be a better choice.


Not every woman wants to share with the world that they had breast surgery. Choosing small implants allows a woman to choose a more feminine aesthetic without shouting to others that they had work done.

This benefit is significant to women focused on their careers; they usually don’t want how they are perceived in the office to be influenced by their breast size.

Smaller implants can be a perfect choice for women who want to be recognized and valued for what they bring to the office with their smarts and abilities.

Smaller Implants Reduce Risk

One of the most common complications after breast enhancement is capsular contraction. This problem develops when the capsule the body builds around the breast implants hardens and puts pressure on the implants.

This can be painful and distort the implant, requiring revision surgery to replace the affected implant. Smaller implants are at less risk of this problem occurring. Note that silicone implants usually have this complication more often than saline ones.

Smaller breast implants also will reduce sagging in future years. In addition, smaller implants don’t weigh as much as larger ones, so patients usually have fewer problems with scarring and stretch marks.

For women with thinner skin, smaller implants are usually not as visible through their skin.

Recover Faster

Breast augmentation is a serious surgery, and it takes several weeks to recover. While women with smaller breast implants still need about 10 days to recover, many will recover faster than people with large implants.

This is primarily because of implant size – a smaller breast implant means less trauma to other tissues. The smaller size also reduces the chances of tearing breast tissue during placement, which is common with larger implants.

These factors mean women with small breast implants will recover faster and spend more time loving their new look.

Breast augmentation can help women achieve their personal and aesthetic goals, and choosing smaller implants can help them do that now and for years in the future.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.