5 Fashionable Brands That Sell Linen Clothes for Women Online

Quick fashion pop quiz! How do you dress modestly and professionally, stay cool, look fashionable, and save the environment all at the same time?

You do it by buying linen clothes online of course!

Linen is an ancient textile made from the fibers of the flaxseed plant. It’s more durable and yet lightweight than cotton. Plus, it’s great for anyone with allergies because of its smaller thread count and is naturally water-wicking. Say goodbye to that summer sweat with high-quality linen clothes.

But where do you get linen clothes? You’ll want to be sure that the linen you buy is genuine and built to last as it can be expensive. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the five best online linen brands so that you don’t have to wonder. Let’s take a look at some of the best!

1. G Linen

G Linen is an Abu Dhabi-based fashion company that prides itself on the highest quality linen clothes. They prioritize both comfort and sophistication for a mature look that can’t be beaten.

What Makes Them Special

Made of genuine Italian linen, this clothing line was inspired when the founder, Ghada Al-Shaikh visited Italy and first experienced “Heaven in Linen”.

She knew that the best textile for beating the Middle Eastern heat of her own country would be linen. She aspired to make fashionable clothes for a modern woman that used the ancient fabric to its full potential.

All G Linen clothes are as practical as they are fashionable. G Linen makes clothes for a sophisticated woman who prides herself in her modesty and her fashion sense. It is possible to wear clothes that are appropriate for work and personal presentation while still staying cool and comfortable. G Linen’s women’s linen clothes prove that beyond a doubt.

The great thing about linen is that even when you wear it in long styles it keeps you cool. You can wear long pants and shirts, stay cool, and protect your skin from harmful sun rays all at the same time.

Best Clothing Articles

Our favorite pieces from G Linen’s online linen clothes collection are the ones that give off a feeling of sophistication and warm wonder. These clothes are perfect for the kind of woman who commands attention but also knows how to let loose on a relaxing vacation.

The Light Brown Monaco Jumpsuit is the perfect piece of clothing to transition from day to night. More mature than the average sundress yet more fashionable than a typical pantsuit, the jumpsuit hits all the right marks.

The White Sicilia Layered Trousers are an excellent choice for anyone who loves resort wear or simply staying comfortable and fashionable. Run your daily errands in style while still feeling like you’re in your coolest pajamas.

The Light Pink Oia Short Sleeves Top and Pants are a great matching set. Monochromatic looks are all the rage right now, and there’s no easier way to create a monochromatic outfit than with a matching set. What easier way to have a put-together outfit? Pair it with some dainty, gold jewelry for a subtly sparkling look.

2. Facil Blanco

This Dubai linen clothes company makes stunning clothes for glamorous women. Let’s take a look at what makes them different from some other linen clothiers.

What Makes Them Special

Facil Blanco’s name includes a clue about what makes this brand unique. All Facil Blanco’s clothing is pure white Italian linen. They brag that white is the new black, and while looking at their collection it’s hard to disagree.

These clothes a definitely for a glamorous, carefree woman. You’ll have to take good care of your Facil Blanco clothes, but as long as they’re crisp and white you’ll look amazing.

Facil Blanco also offers a men’s line of linen clothes. Linen is good for everyone because of its luxury and comfort, so why not let men in on the luxury as well?

Our Favorite Pieces

The Lana Dress is an update on a 1920’s classic shift dress. The little frill at the bottom offers just the perfect amount of eye-catching detail.

The Lysa Jacket brings to mind a geisha’s alluring kimono and is the perfect piece for layering. It can be hard to layer if you want to keep an all linen outfit, but this jacket solves that problem.

We’d be remiss not to mention a piece of menswear. The Caden pants are the resort wear pants of your man’s dreams with a draw-string waist and carefully tailored pant. It’s the best mix of flattering tailoring and comfortable vacation loungewear.

3. Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is one of the largest sellers of online linen clothes. With multiple lines and styles, there’s something for everyone at Nishat Linen.

What Makes Them Unique

The sheer size of the options at Nishat Linen is what sets them apart. From more traditional styles to modern elegance to relaxed loungewear, they have everything.

The only downside is that there’s a lot to get through and not everything is 100% linen. If you are looking for sustainable linen clothes this isn’t the brand for you. But if you are interested in embroidered styles or plan on making a lot of purchases at once this is a great choice for you.

There are also cost-effective options from Nishat Linen which can be harder to find with luxury linen brands. But keep in mind that what you save in money may end up hurting you in quality of clothing.

Our Favorite Picks

Nishat Linen’s Jalabiyas can’t be beaten. Sometimes jalabiyas come in very limited options, but at Nishat Linen, there are many colors and patterns to choose from that really express an individual personality.

There are dainty floral prints for the romantics among us and bright abstract bold colors for anyone who loves to draw a crowd with eye-catching clothes.

We also love the Front Tassle Straight Trouser for its unique yet subtle detail. This is a pair of pants that can be worn to the office but still show off a fun personality.

4. Magic Linen

Magic Linen is a company that prides itself on the special nature of linen. They see linen clothes as an opportunity for both celebration and rest.

The Magic Linen Story

Magic Linen started as a home goods brand when the founder wanted to fill her home with luxurious linen and realized that color options were limited. As she designed more personalized linen home goods, she began to expand into linen clothing as well.

Now she offers women’s, men’s, and loungewear lines of linen clothes for every occasion. They pride themselves on their little details and the quality of color that they offer. You’ll never be bored with linen clothes from Magic Linen.

Top Choices of Linen Clothes Online

Our top choice from Magic Linen is the linen bathrobe. It’s such a unique item. So many bathrobes make you choose between thickness and absorbency. But this linen bathrobe is perfect for staying cool and drying off at the same time. Plus it comes in the trendiest pastel colors for a calm look.

The Men’s Linen Shirt BILBAO finally offers the comfort and sophistication of linen work clothes to men after women have been enjoying the benefits for so long. It’s a classic button-up, but the color, cut, and of course textile give it a feeling of ease.

5. Sugar Candy Mountain

Sugar Candy Mountain may have an over-the-top sounding name, but they create lovely subdued linen clothing for the free spirit in all of us. Dive into their collection for a one with nature look.

What Sets Sugar Candy Mountain Apart

Sugar Candy Mountain uses linen in its mission to make sustainable clothes. Their linen dressed are made with socially and ecologically conscious practices in mind. They also work hard to make each piece of clothing long-lasting so that it never goes to waste. Their clothes are well made and have a timeless, classic beauty.

They also use recycled paper in their shipping methods and keep their carbon footprint low at all points in manufacturing.

Our Favorite Choices

From their fall collection, we love the Mary Ann Dress with its billowing sleeves and sweet button details. It’s the kind of dress you’d wear to pick flowers or bake a perfect loaf of bread. It totally says fall in everything about it and is so romantic yet practical.

We also love the Sabine Dress which can be dressed up for special occasions but also has such a free nature to it that it would not be out of place as a luxurious beach cover-up.

The Best Linen Clothes Online

You’ve got lots of options now for finding linen clothes. Start dressing in the most attractive, comfortable, and luxurious fabric there is with these fashionable linen clothes.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.