3 Effective Ways To Wear Your Healing Stones


If you’ve seen people donning crystal jewelry and are wondering if you could rock it, you definitely can! Crystal jewelry uses healing stones with delicate yet eye-catching designs on bands and chains to bring out the beauty of the stone. They never go out of style since they are usually a one-stone design, allowing you to wear them anytime, anywhere, and with any outfit. 

If you’ve recently found yourself gravitating towards healing stones to find some balance and mental peace, you can try various ways to keep them constantly with you.

1. Keep It Handy

If you aren’t a fan of wearing jewelry or perhaps can’t wear one while at work, you can simply keep it with you as is. 

You can store the crystal in your jewelry box at home and use it whenever you meditate or need to heal. This allows the crystal to always be safe from potential damage. 

You could also place crystals around the house. They can work as home decor as well as healing agents around the house. Keep the appropriate crystal in different areas of your home for easy access. For example, you can keep the crystal that helps you relax near your bed or keep the crystal that provides physical safety in the kitchen.

Another way you can simply store a crystal is by tossing it in your bag. If you are on the go, but cannot wear the crystal, you can keep it loose in your bag. This gives you the freedom to reach out and hold it whenever you need to. 

2. Charm It Around

Charms are a great way to keep the crystal around you and not necessarily wear it. Depending on the type of crystal you have and its use, you can choose a charm that can help you channel the energy of the stone into your body and surroundings effectively. 

A great way to keep a crystal in your office space is by using it as a paperweight or an office decor. This way, you can constantly have it in front of you, on the desk, allowing you easy access to it whenever you feel the need for some positive energy. When leaving, you could simply toss it in your bag and take it home with you!

You could carry it as a charm in your bag or purse. This would be safe only if you choose a small gemstone and are sure that your bag would always be away from any harm. It can be a small keychain or a simple charm looped into the handle or zipper, depending on what you’re carrying. 

Another great way you can hone the power of your healing crystal is by wearing it as a brooch. Often workplaces don’t allow you to wear jewelry, but brooches don’t fall under that category. Get a classy, lightweight, and trendy design for your gemstone so that you can own a timeless piece of accessory. 

3. Pendants, Rings, Bracelets

The kind of jewelry you make out of your gemstone just depends on the stone itself. Some stones look great as earrings, some look more appealing as bracelets, whereas some shine through as pendants. For instance, a tourmaline pendant would look prettier than a tourmaline bracelet. 

When looking for pendant designs, it is best to keep it simple. Look for thinner chains and a subtle pendant design so that your gemstone instantly catches the eye. This will also give you the freedom to style your pendant with multiple outfits for various occasions and events.

Similarly, go for simpler ring and bracelet designs to ensure they remain easy to clean and maintain. 

Understand your healing stone, its properties, and how often you would be using it. This can paint a clear picture of how you wish to wear it, or perhaps not. In the end, the only thing that matters is that it brings you inner peace and positive energy. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.