Elevator shoes – Looking fashionable has never been so easy!


The first question may need to be, what exactly are elevator shoes? They are shoes that allow the person wearing them to appear taller. They aren’t like the platform shoes of the past; the elevation is from lifts built inside the shoe.

This may sound a lot like something used for vanity only, but there are several advantages to wearing these shoes. True, it may help boost self-confidence, particularly for those who aren’t as tall as they would like to be.

Posture: A lot of us have very poor posture. We spend a good deal of time hunched over a keyboard, which doesn’t really require a straight back. Elevator shoes usually cause better posture, due to the areas the lifts are in.

Having better posture is important for many reasons. Going back to the self-confidence issue, it actually improves height in and of itself. It also allows our clothing to look better on us, our shoulders to look broader and so forth.

Back pain relief: This is another area where good posture is beneficial. However, they can help with back pain because of the change in the spine’s location. For anyone who has had to deal with back pain, you know that this can be debilitating. Anything that can improve it without medication is a godsend.

Affordability: In one way or another, elevator shoes have been around for a long time. They are similar in construction to several types of orthopedic shoe, and may even be useful as such. However, unlike those shoes and many of the others available, they are priced in a decent range.

Long lasting: Part of the affordability factor is also how long they last. These shoes are sturdy and made from quality materials that don’t wear out fast. The insoles are designed to be replaceable, which increases the amount of time the shoes will last.

For quality purposes, unless you don’t move around a lot, the insoles should be replaced every two or three months. This allows the shoes to continue to provide all of the benefits. It is simply a matter of pulling out one set and inserting another.

Not just for business people: Believe it or not, athletes are beginning to use elevator shoes designed for their sports. This is particularly true of runners. Running can cause issues with several joints and the spinal column.

As mentioned, these have some similarity to orthopedic shoes. Those similarities can help prevent some of the pain and damage that high impact sports like running can cause. As they become more popular, they may well become more common for all manner of sports.

Elevator shoes are not just a fad. They are something useful for all manner of people. Older folks may find them helpful in coping with the pain caused by joint issues. Younger folks may find the confidence they need to shine in the business world. These shoes are indeed a good idea for your wardrobe.

Social and business benefits of elevator shoes

There are a lot of reasons to choose GuidoMaggi elevator shoes over regular shoes. Some of them are for health reasons, but there are also social and business benefits. These benefits can make a huge difference in our self-perception and how others perceive us.

A classic example of social benefit would be going on a date, especially one of importance. Women tend to wear high heeled shoes. If the man is about the same height in regular shoes, this makes the woman taller. Discreet guidomaggi.it elevator shoes allow the man to be of a height… or taller… than his date.

The business benefits can make the difference between a successful presentation and one that falls flat. It could be the one thing that clinches the sale of the product. Confidence in oneself is a major factor in these instances, and the shoes can help boost it tremendously.

Why would a mere pair of shoes make such a difference? There are several reasons, all of which make a great deal of sense. The confidence factor is important, but there are others that are equally important.

Symmetry: Believe it or not, most of us have problems with symmetry in our lower limbs. It could be that one leg is slightly shorter than the other one. It could be an accident that causes a leg to be favored over its mate.

Elevator shoes can remedy this problem. That is in part because the insoles can be designed to fit the needs of the wearer. A slightly higher lift in the shorter leg will do a great deal to even out the stance, which is subconsciously noted by the other party.

Posture: Remember when your parents used to tell you to stand up straight? Many of us still have problems remembering to do that. It’s easy to forget when we are in the middle of something. These shoes help to keep our backs straight.

That is important for more than just how we look. Good posture can help prevent a lot of lower back pain. It keeps the spine straight instead of hunched up. Good posture also helps our breathing. Slouching makes it hard to fill our lungs with air.

Style: A nice looking pair of shoes makes an impression even if the other party doesn’t really consciously note it. Elevator shoes are not clunky, nor are they ostentatiously about height. The lifts are inside the shoes.

The shoes can be found in a variety of styles and for a variety of occasions. Fancy dress shoes, everyday business shoes and even shoes for sports are available. The proper shoes at the proper time will make a positive mark for the wearer.

Now is the time to look into an investment of these shoes. They are affordable, long lasting and easy to take care of. The insoles can be changed as needed, usually every two or three months. This contributes to how long the shoes will last.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.