Expert tips for getting a job in the fashion industry

As you may already know, the fashion industry keeps evolving. And everything from how consumers shop to how fashion companies operate has drastically changed. As a result, careers in this industry have shifted, and as we speak, there’s a need to try and keep up if you want to get a job in this industry.

However, as complicated as finding one might be, several tips can help you and give you a competitive edge over other job seekers. Let’s discuss.

1. Have a resume website

If you want to stay on top, consider having a resume website to make you stand out and look more professional and modern. With the ever-changing technology, you want to keep up because so many job keepers are trying their best to stay at the head of the game. The day of delivering printed resumes is long gone, and for this reason, a resume website will come in handy.

Given that you’re regularly acquiring new qualifications and skills, you need to have a resume that you can effortlessly share or update at any time. And one that potential employers will be able to find you with a quick search of your name.

With an online resume website, you can convey all your skills, expertise and personality. And you send a message to potential employers that you are serious about getting a job. To get started with this, some of the steps to follow include

  • Use a resume website template

Now that you’re looking for a job in the fashion industry, you need to have a resume website that is not only eye-catching, but functional. The best part about this is, you can find professional and free ones on the internet that you can use. All you have to do is pick a favorite and customize it to your style and needs.

  • Include a professional picture

Even though this is already obvious, having a picture of yourself on your website is a must! And, people are more drawn to images than they are to words. Before you choose a picture, think about how you want a potential employer to perceive you. Ensure to play safe by selecting a professional-looking one.

Also, use the most recent picture and ensure that you look as natural possible. If you need help with this, you can hire the services of a professional photographer.

  • Include all the relevant sections

When it comes to planning your content, you have the leeway to decide how you want to set it up. Even so, make sure that you include the ideal pages so that your website is an accurate representation of you.

A perfect resume will have an inviting homepage that allows the recruiter to see what you’re all about. It should be informative and enticing enough to have people click more to discover more about you.

Use this page to put your real name, the field of work, a professional photo, contact information, and so on. You may also include a paragraph stating your experience and background in the fashion industry. Remember to keep it short so that you will not bore your potential recruiters.

Also, ensure to list your experience, level of education, skills, personal projects, contacts, testimonials and link your relevant social channels.

  • Include tiny details

Another tip to consider when creating an online resume website that will get you a job in the fashion industry is to add essential branding elements. That includes selecting the right colors and fonts, a unique domain name, and a PDF version of your resume.

  • Optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization entails optimizing your site so that your page can rank high in search engine results.

That means that the more exposure you get on search engine results, the higher the odds of potential recruiters coming across your site.

  • Ensure that you’re mobile-friendly

Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and due to their popularity, you need to ensure that your resume website is optimized to view via a mobile device.

To do this, the resume website should be small enough to display on a mobile device. Be sure that it is eye-catching and neat on any device.

  • Ask for a second opinion.

Nothing can ruin your reputation like having a resume full of typos and poorly done. To ensure that your resume website looks professional, perfect, and polished, ask a few people that you trust to proofread it and test out its navigation.

Let them confirm that all the links are working and assess if the site is an accurate representation of you. You can never go wrong with a trusted second opinion.

  • Publish and track

Once you’re through with all the steps mentioned above, you can go ahead and press the Publish button and wait for a response from potential employers. But you need to keep track of everything that happens on your resume website. That could include who is frequenting your site and how much traffic you’re getting.

Remember to keep your CV updated all the time. Every time you upgrade your skills, ensure that it is reflected on your resume website. You can do this from the comfort of your phone anytime, even on the go.

2. Have a point of view

Another tip for getting a job in the fashion industry is by having a clear point of view. What inspires you? What do you see? How does that reflect in your work? You want your individuality expressed and be in a position to have your opinion listened to. When you know the fashion industry, you will stand out, and interviewers will want you to be an asset in their company.

3. Communicate your ideas clearly

A job in the fashion industry is collaborative. And you’ll need to work with teams, factories, and other colleagues. One thing that will never go out of style is the capacity to talk clearly and express yourself in the best possible way.

During the interview, be sure to confidently voice out your ideas and listen to what is getting expressed. That is one of the skills that most employers seek!

4. Research about the company before you interview

Besides creativity, it is a designer’s job to understand customers, lifestyles, preferences, and style. And find a balance between thinking strategically and outside the box. For instance, if you’re interviewing for an athleisure brand, you need to do thorough research about it.

Brands want to see that you’ve taken a keen initiative to understand about them, their product, what they stand for, their target market, and aesthetics. You may even choose to create a project based on the company you’re applying for to show that you’re interested, keen and excited to get this job.

5. Keep up with technology and acknowledge how it affects trends

Finally, technology keeps evolving hence why it makes sense that a job seeker stays in the know and keeps up with the latest technology. For instance, there are now 3D programs that change the way designers fit garments.

Being conversant with the latest trends in this fashion field will go a long way in distinguishing you among many job seekers.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.