Women’s designer bags: the upcoming trends for the next seasons

Young woman in high-heeled shoes near color wall

Purses for women represent probably the most iconic female designer accessory, and the whole fashion industry invests every year a substantial amount of money in order to bring more innovations in this specific segment of the market.

If we take a look at the new collections of designer bags for women, we can easily realize how important this item is, even for the most renowned brands. The new Valentino Garavani bags, for example, represent the quintessential identity of the Italian Maison, summoning up all the features that a Valentino product must have: clean lines, top quality materials and elegant combination of colors.

But a designer bag is never a self-referential item: among the female accessories, it is a sort of lighthouse, able to enlighten the new upcoming trends for the whole women’s fashion. If we examine carefully the most significant ones among the latest releases, we can even infer what’s in store for the seasons – maybe the years – to come. Here below a few hints.

  1. Simplicity. Some has translated it into “sobriety”, which means a sort of renunciation of everything could be regarded as equivalent to any form of extravaganza. This new decade’s fashion aims to regain the buyers’ trust through a more confidential and humble approach. Less unique pieces and more prêt-à-porter: this seems to be the watchword for the upcoming years, even in the more exclusive haute couture area. Indeed, this last is called (more specifically than the other market sectors) to redeem itself from any excess, while safeguarding its exclusiveness.
  2. Reduced dimensions. Once upon a time, the designer handbags for women had to be big, heavy and conspicuous: it was almost mandatory, because they had to be seen, even before (and more than) those who carried them. It is exactly one of the clear evidences of that “cult of personality” (the brand before the individual) that the top fashion companies are now trying to erase, or at least to amend. Therefore, no more gigantic bags: the future is tiny, light and extremely handy.
  3. Leather and metal. After so many years spent searching new materials, 2021 marks the return to the most common ones. Back to the essentials, apparently, but always with an eye to the future. For instance: the bags’ belts are often replaced by chains, mostly made with brass (and again, Valentino was a forerunner with his latest collections).
  4. Brightness rules. Sure, everybody knows that black and the other dark, gloomy colors will always be on top of the buyers’ preferences, by virtue of their adaptability to almost every style. Nevertheless, a sort of bright colors era” seems to have taken place in the fashion industry, and in particular the accessories present themselves in a huge and yet colorful variety of nuances. The world needs more positivity, they seem to claim: and what better way to inspire positivity than filling the showroom windows (and hopefully the streets) with a bunch of glowing, eye-catching new objects of desire? On the other hand, looking at the early sales figures in 2021, the consumers are responding amazingly, proving that the directions taken and the new principles established are the right ones.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.