What is Outfit Roulette?


Can you remember the first time you heard of the app TikTok? You probably furrowed your brow and turned up your nose before vowing to never download it.

That was before March 2020 though, when we were all asked to forego our favorite activities and spend as much time as possible indoors. That was when the app had just 315 million registered users worldwide and not the 2.6 billion that it boasts today.

It’s fair to say that TikTok is more than just our favorite waste of time in 2021, it’s a global sensation famed for its viral trends.

One such trend that went viral on TikTok last year and is making a comeback now is outfit roulette. If you want to be ahead of the curve and jump on the challenge before it goes viral once again, read on to find out everything you need to know about outfit roulette.

What is outfit roulette?

Outfit roulette is a trend in which someone picks out all the outfits in their wardrobe – good and bad – and takes a photo of themselves in each. They then upload these photos to a background of music and ‘spin the reel’, wearing whichever outfit the music stops on.

The craze is called outfit roulette because of its similarity to classic casino roulette, in which watch a ball spin around a number reel and place bets on where it will land. Roulette has always been a popular casino game thanks to its easy rules and unpredictability, so it’s no surprise that the fashion world has found a way to bring this thrilling game into our wardrobes.

How is it done?


Gave the outfit roulette challenge a go 👀 #outfitroulette #outfitinspo #fashionblogger #fyp #influencer #fashiontrends #ootd #styling

♬ original sound – emilyclareskinner

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own outfit roulette video from @whatverowears

Unlike real casino roulette, there is no element of jeopardy in outfit roulette as the creator has to choose which outfit to end the video on.

To successfully pull it off, what you need to do is take a photo of yourself wearing a range of different outfits. Your favourite dress, a joke outfit and maybe some of the other outfits you’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop for over a year.

Make sure you take all of these photos in the same place and that you are wearing the same expression on your face and standing in the same pose for each.

Then you’ll need to record an intro and an outro, in which you walk off happy with your outfit or devastated with it.

After recording these, sandwich all of your photos in between your intro and outro and set it so that they cycle through at intervals no greater than 1 second. Finally, add a backing track to your video and your outfit roulette is complete!

How popular is it?


Gave the outfit roulette challenge a go 👀 #outfitroulette #outfitinspo #fashionblogger #fyp #influencer #fashiontrends #ootd #styling

♬ original sound – emilyclareskinner

@emilyclareskinner has claimed responsibility for the viral trend on her blog, but outfit roulette had actually been going for some time before she uploaded this video.

The outfit roulette challenge first started a couple of years ago on Instagram before migrating to TikTok around a year ago.

It blew up in May 2020 before, like most fashion trends, fading away. It has however resurfaced recently with a number of influencers and fashion brands choosing to revive it.

With retail shops now fully opening after national lockdowns, many high street brands are using the trend to drum up interest in their brand.

Which means we could be on the verge of another outfit roulette viral sensation. Now you know how to do it, dig out some of your old clothes and come up with some crazy outfits to make your very own viral video.

If you still need some inspiration, we’ll leave you with this hilarious effort from @you1stlondon, which was posted last year.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.