These May Be The Most Fashionable Sports


When discussing style, individual athletes are often brought up and praised for their creative flair. There are countless fashionable athletes that we can talk about as we review their social media or read through GQ top 10 lists. However, few people mention the individual sports and which ones are known for their unique style. Let’s take a look. 


Golf may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you cannot deny the stylish outfits we see out on the green. The sport isn’t just fashionable now either, it has been for generations. The checkered vests, tall socks and poof ball hats of yesteryear had an adorable charm to them. Of course, now the game is much more modern. 

For a prime example, look at golfer Justin Thomas. He mixes classic golfing attire with his own modern tastes. Pleated slacks, collared shirts, and he even wore a stunning vest and tie combo at the 2017 US Open. Not only is Thomas good at crafting outfits, but he also is one of the favorites to win the 2021 Open Championship, currently sitting at +2000 in the Golf betting odds. This shows that he is just as serious about playing well as he is about looking good. 


According to global fashion search platform Lyst, the most fashionable sport in the world is tennis and, to be honest, we don’t have an argument against that. Tennis has always been a sport that brought new trends and outfits into the world. Classic tennis outfits were all about flowing white skirts, collared shirts, sweaters, and visors. The athletic nuances from headbands and wristbands were a nice touch as well. For examples of this, look at Roger Federer. 

Nowadays, the sport has a very modern edge as well. For instance, Serena Williams has experimented and brought her own style to the court. Over the years, we’ve seen her in everything from multicolored catsuits, to diamond encrusted bracelets, graphic print dresses, ballerina outfits, and even traditional tennis apparel that was custom designed to fit her own flair. Fashion labels know that tennis is a popular style center and brands like Nike, Uniqlo, Ralph Lauren, Hublot and others have partnered with its brightest stars. 


Basketball jerseys and shorts aren’t really fashionable. NFL football is the farthest thing from fashionable. Sure, hockey jerseys look pretty cool but the pads and gloves give it all a very bulky appearance. Then there’s baseball players. The designated baseball outfit isn’t a uniform, it’s an ensemble. 

Baseball outfits consist of tailored pants, tight jerseys, and the iconic baseball cap. Together, this makes up a timeless look that has persisted for more than a century. However, modern baseball also comes with a healthy dose of personal style that isn’t seen in other sports. 

Baseball players have the freedom to not only wear the gloves and shoes of their choice, they can also wear designer sunglasses, earrings, and big expensive chain necklaces. When a batter steps up to the plate, you may see anything from a $20,000 gold cuban link to a diamond encrusted necklace swinging about. 


Surfing may be overlooked but it does have its own sensational style. The surfboards themselves can be works of art and make for great background pieces at photoshoots. As well as this, wetsuits have also been modernized dramatically from the unsightly full coverage outfits they used to be. Modern wetsuits are form fitting and come in a variety of prints and colors. Then there are the swimsuits. What could be more stylish than a designer swimsuit adorning a tanned and athletic figure? 



Skiing is another overlooked yet fashionable sport, and it is certainly heavy on style. Every portion of a skier’s life is fashion. Before they even hit the slopes, skiers are dressed in attractive layered outfits that include winter coats from brands like North Face. These are often paired with the boots of their choice and accessories like scarves and mittens. 

When it comes to actually skiing, you will find that there is a lot of attractive gear to choose from. Ski goggles have always been admired as a unique and artistic kind of cool, adopted by musicians and trendsetters over the years that have never even been to a ski resort. Ski jumpers and boots are also very attractive and you can find any color or print that you prefer. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.