Enter into a Fairy Tale at Glendeven Inn & Lodge


Mendocino County is the place of fairy tales! All across the Mendocino Coast, you’ll find cozy temperatures, gorgeous coastal bluffs, glass beaches, and delicious dining. But perhaps, the most enchanting part about Mendocino are the adorable, chic inns that offer luxurious yet charming getaways. That’s what we found when we stayed at the Glendeven Inn & Lodge, a place that hopped right out of the pages of a story book.

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The Stevenscroft Building

The Glendeven Inn & Lodge is rated #1 on trip advisor, and it’s easy to see why. This gorgeous property doesn’t just offer cozy adults-only lodging but a full-on experience, as well. Glendeven consists of 15 acres with roaming llamas and chickens and breathtaking gardens that paint the property’s landscape. Our accommodations were right next to the llama fields, so we were able to sit and enjoy watching the llamas casually stroll by as we ate our breakfasts in the morning. It was truly a serene experience that made us feel as if we were living in a storybook.

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The Pinewood Room

We stayed in the “Stevenscroft” building in the “Pinewood” room, a room with a breathtaking view just outside of its French doors. Not only were we blown away by how charming the Stevenscroft building was on the outside with its redwood exterior surrounded by beautiful bushes of flowers, but we were also thrilled to discover how comfortable the room was on the inside. Our little suite had a wood-burning fireplace set up for us to use which we, of course, took advantage of. There’s nothing cozier than sitting in a chic country cottage by a fresh burning fire. The interior style of our room was charmingly country and fit the farm environment perfectly.

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The Pinewood Room

Perhaps, our favorite part of the Glendeven Inn experience was breakfast! A picnic basket containing breakfast was delivered daily to our door. Each breakfast consisted of an egg dish, bread, a fruit/yogurt dish, and fresh orange juice. Upon check-in, the concierge took our preferences for our morning drinks, and coffee or tea was brought to our room with breakfast with the requested cream and sugar preferences. They were happy to accommodate vegan diets and had oat milk as a replacement to regular milk, which is a personal favorite of mine.

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Breakfast was Delivered to Our Door Daily

All in all, Glendeven Inn & Lodge is in the perfect place to escape reality while allowing quick access to the surrounding towns and attractions. It has convenient trails right next to the property that lead down to the sea bluffs or deeper into the forests. It’s the perfect way to getaway and get acquainted with nature in a still-luxurious environment. If you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale, be sure to visit Glendeven Inn & Lodge today! We are still dreaming about our unique experience.

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Written by Malorie Mackey
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