Where to Eat in Mendocino County


There is nothing quite like going up north and experiencing the perfect mix of natural, local-grown herbs, spices, and vegetables with amazingly rich local-caught seafood. During our trip to Mendocino County, we were blown away by how sustainable the town was. Most places we visited grew their own food and had their own eggs; and when they wanted something they didn’t have, you can bet it came locally from within the town. Because of this, there were few preservatives and few items that weren’t immediately fresh. Needless to say, it is an experience like no other to eat along the Medocino Coast, and we were thrilled to do so. Let’s talk about our favorite dining experiences while we were in Mendocino, CA.

Little River Inn Restaurant

The Little River Inn Restaurant makes you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. The front of this charming inn towers over the sea, and it offers the perfect view at sunset. As they took us back into the restaurant, we were seated in the back patio which was covered and strung with lights. There was greenery and nature all around us, and it provided for the perfect dinner experience. For starters, I tried a savory appetizer of olives, and it really hit the spot. There were also fresh summer salads to compliment anyone with a vegan or vegetarian diet (or just those who love greens!) For the main course, I tried the salmon, and it was perfect! It was cooked just right with a nice blend of rice and greens. If you’re in need of a vegan option, I’d highly recommend the ratatouille. All in all, we had delicious food in a magical environment and finished up our experience with a decaf coffee. It was magical!


HarborView Bistro and Bar

The HarborView Bistro and Bar provides you a picturesque setting to indulge in delicious meals as you watch the boats go by. Placed right over Noyo Harbor, it is the perfect environment to enjoy a nice meal by the water. Of course, sitting in such an enchanting environment by the sea calls for seafood! The Pan Seared King Salmon was the perfect choice for me, as it was laid over SpicedCouscous and Quinoa Pilaf, SauteedBrussel Sprouts, Bacon, Onion, Red Onion Beurre Rouge, so many of my favorite things! It was a mixture of many flavors that worked perfectly together in unison! Of course, they had a full menu of wines and drinks that paired nicely with each meal, and I was happy to finish off my meal with another coffee! This was the perfect place to really get into the mindset of the sea and sun, and we definitely recommend you visit HarborView Bistro and Bar on your trip to the Mendocino Coast.


The Inn at Newport Ranch


The Inn at Newport Ranch not only offers an amazing getaway with charming rooms and enchanting sea cliffs, but their dinners are absolutely out-of-this-world, too. You can tell that most of the produce is grown or raised on the farm, and what isn’t from the farm is locally sourced. For dinner, we had an artichoke bisque and salad of Newport greens that were absolutely delicious. The artichoke bisque had red onions, crispy garlic, and stella pecorino cheese, and that was a heavenly mixture. For dinner, I tried the Embered Cod, and it was very moist and tender. The selection of local cheeses really hit the spot for desert. They were also very willing to accommodate to any dietary restriction, and their vegan meals are just as delicious as the regular meals. All in all, we were very blown away by the amazing cuisine at The Inn at Newport Ranch.



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Written by Malorie Mackey
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