How to Deadlift More Weight?


Nothing can be more satisfying than deadlifting a barbell loaded with heavy weights off the floor. It certainly acts as a barometer of your physical strength. Performing the deadlift with heavier weights provides your body with both strength and size gains. There are various other benefits of deadlifting as well. Owing to all these, the deadlift acquires a prominent position in almost every training program that is aimed towards promoting athletic excellence.

This post is going to be about the ways through which you can increase your deadlift capability up to an elite level. The strength and size gains that you will be experiencing afterward will surely make reading this post worthy. So without further ado, let’s proceed.

8 Ways to Make Your Deadlift Stronger

A stronger deadlift is not only an indicator of great strength but also translates into better overall athletic performance. The following points will guide you well in enhancing your capability to deadlift more weights. Let’s get through them.

Maintaining a strict form and technique

Well, this has to be the very first point about which you need to be extremely cautious. Before you start attempting to break your own PRs on deadlifts, you must perfect your deadlift form and technique.

Executing the deadlift with a poor form can lead to various injuries. A sharp lower back pain after deadlifts is one of them. Moreover, a poor form will not allow you to deadlift heavier weights that you aspire to lift.

There are certain key points that you need to follow to execute a proper deadlift. They are:-

  • Your feet must be shoulder-width apart and firmly planted on the floor.
  • Your back must be straight. It should not slouch as you are lifting the barbell.
  • You should keep your head in a neutral position during the entire movement.
  • You must tighten up your core muscles as it will aid you in providing stability.


The more you do a thing, the better you get at it, and performing the deadlift is no different. If you intend to take your deadlift PRs to an elite level, you will have to increase the frequency of deadlift in your workout routine.

Increasing the frequency of deadlifts in your training program will not only aid in perfecting your form and technique but will also condition your body towards lifting more weights. This will further translate into more strength and muscle gains.

However, to increase the deadlift’s frequency, you must not start performing the deadlifts every other day. It will completely mess up your muscle recovery. Hence, hitting the deadlift 2-3 times a week is sufficient.

Priority Principle

If you have been following some old-school bodybuilding principles, you must be familiar with the priority principle. The priority principle states that if you want to get better at a particular exercise, you must perform it at the very beginning of your training.

If you aim to deadlift more weights, you must perform it as the first exercise of your exercise routine. This way you would be able to lift more weights on the deadlift as you will be fresh and energized.

Grip Strength

If you do not have good grip strength, deadlifting heavier weights will just be a daydream for you. And here we are not talking about using straps. You must prioritize building a decent amount of raw grip strength.

To work on your grip strength, performing the deadlift without any wrist straps would serve you pretty well. Doing so will also provide your forearms with some muscle and strength gains.

You must also experiment with different styles of gripping the barbell while performing the deadlift. You can try out a double-underhand grip or a double-overhand grip at times.

Performing Accessory Movements

Deadlifts primarily hit the muscle groups of your posterior chain, especially your back and hamstrings. But it does not mean that you start neglecting other exercises for those muscle groups.

Exercises like pull-ups, barbell rowing, cable rowing, squats, hamstring curls, calf raise, etc. should still be in your workout program. This way you won’t be facing the problem of having weak areas.

Moreover, performing the accessory movements will also contribute towards the overall development of your physique rather than developing just one aspect of it.

Lower Body Mobility

The mobility of your lower body muscles including glutes, hips, and hamstrings have a profound impact on your ability to deadlift more weights. If those muscles are too stiff, you won’t be able to deadlift more weight with a proper form.

To work on your lower-body mobility, you can include a few lower-body mobility and flexibility exercises in your workout routine. Once those muscles start becoming relaxed, you will be seeing considerable improvements in your deadlifting capability.

Working on Leg Drive

While performing the deadlift with heavier weights, a considerable amount of leg drive comes into play. Working on enhancing your leg drive will allow you to deadlift more weights with proper form.

Performing deficit deadlifts is a great way to work on your leg drive. While performing them, you stand on a thick platform or plates. In this position, your legs have to work extra harder to get the weight up along with keeping your body balanced.

Deadlifting for Reps

If you intend to perform the deadlift with more weights, you must subject them to a high-volume approach. Hitting the deadlift with singles and doubles for a few sets every single time won’t be sufficient to up your deadlifting game. However, performing 8-12 reps on the deadlift with moderate weights can do so.

To perform 8-12 reps on the deadlift, you don’t need to go super-heavy or super-light. Just use a weight with which you can hit 5-6 reps with proper form. This approach will be pretty challenging to your muscles and will stimulate growth.

Final Words

Implementing the above-mentioned points in your workout routine will surely improve your capability to deadlift more weight. Just make sure to not overdo or underdo any of them.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.