Must Try Fashion and Beauty Trends


Your Complete Guide to Trends You Might Have Missed

The fashion and beauty world moves ever forward, even during a pandemic. So while you may not be up-to-date on all the latest, it is out there for you to explore. Read on for a comprehensive guide to ensure that when you do step out, your look is on point.

If you spent quarantine sans make-up, it is safe to assume your lashes either got healthier or stayed the same. Certain mascaras are designed to help with lash growth, but most do not do anything inherently for the strength or length of your lashes. If you are looking for the best fake lash option look no further than magnetic eyelashes. Using a magnetic eye liner to line your eyes and allow it to dry, the lashes then magnetically connect to iron oxide in the liner. There are also options available that use two sets of magnetic lashes that you place around your own lashes.

Well, we want longer lashes and less hair elsewhere on our faces and bodies. If you are looking for the latest in hair removal technology, try the KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset. An at home laser device that comes with a charger and instruction manual, it is designed to be used on any body part and for up to ten years. It is definitely worth the investment and will pay for itself by saving money on razor blades, waxing, and other hair removal products.

What else did you completely skip doing during quarantine? Your nails. You are not quite ready to return to the salon, but you have an outing coming up and want your nails done. There are a plethora of at-home nail options.

You may want to try every option to figure out which one you prefer. One key trend that is surfacing for 2021 is a new look for a French Manicure with artsy detail, glitter, or stickers, there are a lot of fun ways to play with this design. You can leave it to the professionals or try it for yourself.

Some things to keep in mind as you check out new trends in beauty:

  • Red is in, in every shade
  • Look for multi-use eye/cheek/lip color for a monochrome spin on your natural look

Yes, natural beauty is still the focus with an increase in learning how to DIY protective styles and a focus on skin care.

Skin care is always on trend. Your skin care routine either flourished or floundered during quarantine. Perhaps the total shift in your routine and the lack of needing to wear makeup and do your hair everyday threw your skin care out the window. Or on the flip side, maybe since you were wearing less make-up, you focused on cleansing and healing your skin from all the normal toxins you were previously exposing it to every day. (Can you say exhaust fumes?) While the planet healed during quarantine, so did your skin.

One thing the pandemic showed us was just how much we can do from home. At-home treatments are continuing to trend, with the focus being on high-quality products. That trend applies to everything you put on your face. As you return to work, do not forget to continue to use an SPF. Many BB or CC creams include SPF, and you want to look for at least 30. 

We have realized the importance of what we put on the largest organ of our body. You want skin care that is free from toxins like formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates (just to name a few). And you want it from a company that matches your worldview and ethics, cruelty free (always) and perhaps vegan or plant-based, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

This trend towards sustainability has rolled over into the fashion industry as well. From head to toe, purchasing fashion that is sustainably produced and/or repurposed is growing in popularity. If you are looking for a one stop shop for everyone in the family, check out Mallary by Matthew. From underwear to outerwear, they have a selection for everyone that meets the trends of the season. Upcycling, cruelty-free, vegan leather, and pre-owned clothing all continues to be on trend and moving the fashion world toward a more ethical and sustainable mindset as opposed to the fast fashion that has dominated the previous 20 years.

Sustainability is important in our footwear too. But the trend that is on focus this year is comfort. We spent the last year and a half not having to wear dress shoes or professional shoes. We’ve all been living in slippers and sneakers, and our favorite comfy shoes are getting a glow up with the trends of 2021. From flatforms to fisherman sandals, the shoes of the year do not leave your toes pinched or your heels blistered. For the optimal comfy shoe, check out Sootheez. Their shoes effortlessly merge comfort and art giving you a sandal you will never want to take off.

To round out your look, you need to ensure that you have all the right accessories. Trends for this year go from top to bottom to ensure you look fantastic, but comfort is still at the forefront. Wraps are taking over as a fashionable layering piece that goes with everything. Masks are not going anywhere. They continue to be an excellent way to add a statement to your look. You can coordinate with your outfit or show off your bling with a bedazzled mask.

A key way to focus on sustainability is to reduce single-use plastics. Designers are getting on board by creating fashionable water bottles and bottle holders made to go with any outfit or specifically coordinate with your head-to-toe look.

Jewelry always provides some shine to your look and that is no different with this years trends that include:

That last one sounds like a joke. But bedazzled phone cases and mini bags were draped around models’ necks on the runway.

Of course these are specific trending items. You probably want to know what overall looks are trending for 2021 and how to put the trends together to build your look. Here’s what to focus on.

  • Puffed sleeves
  • Cropped cardigans
  • Florals
  • Color Blocking
  • Maxis
  • Pastels
  • Hero suits/Boiler suits
  • Vests
  • Tiger Print
  • Bubblegum Pink (especially sweatpants)

You can definitely blend some of these trends together. Pastel puffed sleeves, cropped tiger print cardigans, yes please! Let your clothes speak to your personality, and these trends offer something for everyone.

These are the trends to watch and decide which ones go with your aesthetic and your ethics.  Perhaps it is time for you to curate a whole new look. Now is the perfect time to make yourself over and establish a new version of yourself. Comb through the trends of the year and the season. Put your money where your mouth is and choose from brands that match your worldview and use sustainable and cruelty-free business practices. Maybe in putting together a look that is totally you, you will create a new trend.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.