10 Ways The Pandemic Has Affected Wedding Traditions


There has, without a doubt, been a significant change to how couples are planning their weddings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the conditions caused by the pandemic have made planning a challenge, many positive and refreshing traditions have emerged as a result. For many, the pandemic has enlightened couples on what is most essential. Let’s take a look at how couples are changing their wedding behaviors and traditions in the wake of COVID-19.

#1 The Great Outdoors

This first change should come as no surprise – couples are planning more outdoor weddings. Although many restrictions have been or will soon be lifted, planning an outdoor wedding is a much more secure option. Even church and temple weddings are conducting ceremonies outside to accommodate those who choose religious ceremonies. This option allows more people to feel safe while celebrating the big day!

#2 Considering The Guest Experience

Even as wedding traditions continue to change, one thing that remains is a significant focus on the guest experience. Couples are considering every single detail as it relates to how their guests feel at their wedding. Hosts include custom food experiences, table décor, floral installations, entertainment, and ever immersive elements to give their guests a high-quality experience.

#3 At-Home Weddings

Couples are forgoing weddings abroad and embracing outdoor weddings at home. Rather than deal with any lingering restrictions, couples invite as many guests as they want to the homes of relatives and even their own homes. Tented receptions at home with just family and close friends will become the new normal.

#4 Multiple Celebration Events

Many couples haven’t had the opportunity to see many of their friends and family in over a year. Rather than hold a single ceremony, hosts have opted to make their wedding a =n entire weekend event. Multiple celebrations allow couples to spoil their guests with a great time and even use this as an opportunity to split their guest list into groups if there are restrictions on the headcount.

#5 Invigorating Color Schemes

Gone are the days of monochromatic wedding themes – couples want vibrant and happy colors! From décor to wedding attire, couples are celebrating their big day with big and bold tones. Couples are shifting their priorities to incorporating color, tone, and texture with their wedding aesthetic and design. You will definitely see contrasting patterns, a focus on unique florals, and stunning color palettes.

#6 Bye Bye To Receiving Lines

Couples are doing away with traditions that they were never really thrilled to participate in – one of which is the receiving line. This tradition was already on the decline before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has now been completely kicked out of the ceremony. Originally eliminated for safety reasons, it seems that couples don’t feel very connected to this tradition, to begin with, encouraging them to do away with it.

#7 A New Take On Meals

Safety protocols related to group activities significantly changed how guests eat and drink at wedding receptions. For the cocktail hour, hosts and vendors provide refreshments that are individually wrapped. Another change is the amount of time spent on the cocktail hour – no more grazing tables or communal eating. Hors d’oeuvres are now their own vessels made for each person. Although food stations were on the rise for wedding receptions, this trend has seen a decline in response to the pandemic.

#8 An Increase In Elopements

COVID-19 has postponed and complicated wedding plans for nearly every couple in the process of planning their nuptials, which is why many have chosen to throw away previous traditions. Elopements were once riddled with archaic symbols, but not couples are embracing them as a beautiful alternative. There is no sign of the micro-wedding and elopement wedding trends ending anytime soon. Though this was an initial response to event restrictions, couples have realized what is most important and have decided to focus on what feels right for them.

#9 Wedding Fashion Upgrades

After a year of leggings and sweatpants, couples are ready to pop the top off of traditional wedding attire. Instead, couples are embracing fun, statement-making fashion choices to match the sentiment of their big day! You’ll see couples opting for bold prints, fun colors, trendy embellishments, and high-fashion hems.

#10 A New Take On Rings

Wedding ceremonies weren’t the only part of the wedding experience to change during the pandemic. While buying engagement rings online is not a new trend, the conditions caused by COVID-19 led many more couples to race to purchase rings online. This was the response to the sudden closing of jewelry stores, which lead 37% of those purchasing an engagement ring to buy it online. There are many benefits to purchasing a ring online. Couples can find more affordable prices, a wider selection, and friendlier shopping platforms.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic created conditions that couples have never had to work with when planning their weddings. While things have certainly changed, many of the new traditions that couples continue to embrace are positive and bring a newfound intimacy and warmth to their wedding festivities.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.