Capsule Wardrobe Checklist For Students 2021


There is nothing superfluous in an ideal wardrobe and everything fits together. It consists of a universal base and capsules – things united by one theme or mood. Correctly selected capsules allow you to make many combinations from a small wardrobe. Another plus of the capsules is the minimum time to select the kit.

Style 2021 Detected

Our checklist is a quick guide to help you assemble the capsule. It is clear that clothing should be appropriate and in line with a specific dress code. But we must not forget about comfort, as well as the fact that any clothes are a reflection of our individuality.

  • A coat is a must and has been the basis of a student’s wardrobe for several decades. It is worth paying attention to a checkered pattern of a coat or a plain coat in a classic cut. The main rule is that the fabric should be dense and keep the shape. For 2021, you should definitely make this purchase.
  • A stylish and warm sweater is one of those things without which we cannot imagine our capsule student wardrobe 2021. It is worth paying attention to the quality. It’s better to choose a wool sweater that will last for years, you can choose a sweater with patterns or in a minimalist style, as long as the sweater reflects your inner self.
  • A jumper made of natural fabric is the basis of a student wardrobe in 2021. A jumper is always relevant if you choose it correctly. Great to read about this and use online research paper writing services if you need more information. It is great for creating a multi-layered look and can be combined with any item. Choose a jumper in basic colors or with a simple ornament – so it will suit everything.
  • Forget skinny in 2021. Get inspired by the looks in the 90s TV series. Mom jeans and high-rise wide-leg jeans are back in fashion. Blue mom jeans look stylish even when paired with a sleek upper. Don’t be afraid to pair it up with your favorite high heels. Jeans are a basic thing, the main thing is to combine them correctly.
  • Black basic boots are a must-have in the student’s wardrobe. They go with any look. You can read about fashion and even take a course in fashion! If you choose an actual model for yourself, it will highlight your style. For 2021, you should choose military-style boots or square-toed boots. The main thing is that the boots must be made of high-quality materials! This is true for any season and year.
  • A wardrobe is a combination of comfort and style. A well-chosen jacket will tell about your style, and an oversized jacket will provide comfort and practicality. As a base, it is better to choose a plain and minimalistic jacket that will be combined with contrasting things and with any footwear.
  • A white shirt will never go out of style. An oversized shirt and a white shirt with voluminous sleeves will definitely not lose popularity in 2021. Therefore, when drawing up a student wardrobe, it is worth taking inspiration from such shirt models.
  • A romantic dress will look great in a student’s look. When choosing a romantic dress, you should pay attention to neutral shades that are combined with the maximum number of items in your wardrobe. Next to a little black dress, every woman’s wardrobe should have a black turtleneck. It is very stylish, so it is not worth saving on the classics.

What Should I Wear?

A basic wardrobe is one of the most ingenious ideas in the fashion world. You can solve problems like: “there is nothing to wear” and “I don’t even want to think about what to wear”. In fact, it is a set of versatile pieces that go together and serve as a framework for creating stylish and individual bows. Our checklist of things that are best for 2021 will totally help any student.


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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.