Choose Interior Colors Based on Your Star Sign


Astrology is becoming increasingly popular and part of the mainstream. It is believed that each zodiac sign can be a guide for personality traits, preferences and more. Struggling to decide on a color for a new interior design project, or piece of furniture, check out our Zodiac color chart to help you decide! For a more detailed astrological reading, head over to PsychicToday, where you can get an online reading from the comfort of your own home. 


The chosen color of this zodiac corresponds well with this passionate star sign. Found at the start of the zodiac, Aries’ ruling planet is Mars – a planet red in color. It is suggested that Aries can increase their natural power by surrounding themselves in red, as well as keeping them calm. 


For the zodiac connected to nature, green represents the pastures that the bull grazes on. As it is an earth sign, as well as the Taurus season being found in Spring – we think green is a fantastic color for Taurus. An attribute of the Taurus star sign is the value of wealth and green is the color of prosperity. 

GEMINI: Yellow

The color of the sun, to lighten and brighten the Geminis out there! They are believed to be cheerful and energetic, just like the color yellow. It is believed that yellow encourages Gemini’s focus and happiness. 

CANCER: Silver or Milky White

Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon – therefore, the chosen color of silver represents this. The color is associated with divine light and goodness. White is in every color but black, which suggests the popularity of Cancers. 

LEO: Gold 

It is fitting that the king of the jungle is associated with the color of Gold – the color of prestige. It also reflects the warm nature of Leos. Leo’s are ruled by the Sun, so this color reflects this well. 

VIRGO: Green & Brown

These colors help to keep Virgos grounded and focused on growth. As Virgos typically have an overthinking mind, these relaxing colors help to calm this – the color green soothes. 

LIBRA: Pink & Light Blue 

Pink is reminiscent of Libra’s loving nature. Whereas, blue helps to bring clarity and calm. This color has shown to reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure. 


As the inquisitive star sign, this is a perfect color for them as black represents mystery. They are also a mysterious star sign themselves, often holding back on saying what they are thinking.


The color of spirituality and awareness. It also is the color of wisdom – very fitting for Sagittarius’. Decorating your room with purple is believed to enhance their imagination and creativity. 

CAPRICORN: Brown & Grey

Brown and grey suggest a strength in practicality, highlighting that they have the most realistic personality trait within the zodiac. 


Blue represents the water & sky which Aquarius is connected to. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet, is also blue.

PISCES: Light Green

The color of life – which is fitting as Pisces is known to heal and rejuvenate. It is also a reminder of the sea, and therefore the fish that live within it. 

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.