4 Watches for Girls You’re Going to Love


Watches are one accessory that you can not miss having in your wardrobe. Besides, did you know an elegant timepiece can make or break your entire look? So, if you want to bask in the limelight wherever you go, look up the latest watches for girls online to get yourself the perfect accessory that can enhance and uplift your outfits effortlessly. Watches have been one of the most loved and recognised fashion accessories amongst all the others. This is because watches have a unique and distinctive way of enhancing your outfit that makes you stand apart from the crowd. Wristwatches have come a long way from classic leather straps to now trending silicone straps and are now available in not one but thousands of chic styles.

With the plethora of watches available in the market, watches for girls is a bold and classy way to express their sense of style and persona. So whether you are sporty, quirky, easy-going or elite, there is a watch that will match perfectly with your persona! 

Thus, to help you find a watch that suits you and your personality the best, here is a list of four distinguished watches for girls you will definitely fall in love with! 

Black Beauty


Do you love the colour black like no other? Yes?  Then you have to add this workwear all-black watch from Titan to your wardrobe as it is elegant and a perfect match for all your outfits. This watch is for the girls who have an elite sense of fashion with a hint of elegance. Not only this uber-stylish watch is extremely chic, but it is also crafted with premium quality material that makes it durable and doubtlessly the best!  

Team this black watch with your casual everyday outfits or formal dresses to naturally achieve a polished and sophisticated look! 

The Crystals Know It All! 


Mesmerising and magical, this beautiful watch is from the Moments Of Joy collection from Raga By Titan. A rose gold timepiece embellished with Swarovski crystals is sure to win the hearts of many.   Wear this watch to experience the surreal confidence radiated by it, this one-of-a-kind watch that is sure to set you apart at every party or gathering. It goes perfectly well with gowns and short dresses, while it also adds more elegance to Indian ethnic wear.

Make It Efficient And Excellent! 


Do you define yourself as a boss lady who loves to power dress? In that case, metal strap watches for girls can complete your look miraculously. This stylish yet extremely sturdy watch comes with multifunction subdials that give more power to you. So, never miss out on anything while you’re always on time. This watch is made with precision and perfection to suit your exquisite taste in fashion. Style it with your everyday workwear outfits as it is lightweight and comfortable for all-day, everyday usage. 

Tap And Pay! 


Make hassle-free instant payments with India’s first payment watch. A wristwatch that lets you make payments just with a single tap. Purchase this gold and brown Titan Pay watch and make your life easier. Style this modest watch with your outfit to achieve a fine and polished look. Plus, this watch is perfect for all occasions and outfits. These payment watches for girls are useful and graceful at the same time, making them even more desirable. These watches are hard to miss. Moreover, you can add this golden case watch with a subtle brown strap to your wardrobe to make a difference with your aesthetics. 

Everything A Watch Should Be: Comfortable, Chic And Classy

You can keep looking until you find the watch that suits your personality the best. But if you are a watch lover who likes to buy a watch for every occasion and setting, you must look for these three qualities in it: Comfortable, chic and classy. Apart from that, go for reputed and known brands of watches like Titan, Fastrack, Anne Klein, and many more that won’t disappoint you. To make it easier, you can browse through the vast collection of branded watches available at the online website of Titan watches to find exceptional customer services and great offers! 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.