Sleep in Peace: 5 Best Buy Mattresses


The best mattress is the key to better sleep, it gives you comfort, sound sleep, and better health. Sometimes you disregard the benefits of using the best one, but actually, the benefits should be your prime concern when buying it. What’s best for you may not be the best for others, especially if you have certain conditions to address.Every mattress has a unique feature, thus looking for one should not give you a big fuss.

Each piece is designed to give you comfort and value for your money. Mattresses come in different types, and each type comes at different prices. You can opt for the high-end ones, or you can choose the cheaper ones. What’s important is you are buying the right and quality mattress. You can check this list to guide you on what to get on your next buy.


Memory foam or the Zoma Sports Mattress is best for an active person or a health buff. It has a three-layer of breathable air cloth cover and gel-infused memory foam. As the name suggests, this mattress mimics and reacts to your body movements very smoothly. This feature helps ensure that you are free of that feeling of being stuck in your movement. It also promotes spine alignment as you shift positions, giving you tremendous support and comfort.

Memory foam is well-liked by sporty and athletic persons because it supports the shoulders and hips. It contours the body and conforms to your movement, making you comfortable and yielding a very sound sleep.


Every environment-conscious person will prefer this type of mattress. It has natural material that mostly comes from organic sources. These materials help lessen the carbon footprint in the environment.

The material used in this type is the Talalay latex, a liquid rubber-based latex that helps cushion your body. The material makes the mattress follow and respond to every movement of your body. Its coils and the entire base give good support to the bed, giving an excellent buoy to your body. Using this mattress gives you lots of benefits: deep sleep, good quality, and most of all, a guilt-free feeling because of using a green and sustainable material.

You can find the best mattress brands at varying quality and reasonable prices in leading stores and furniture showrooms nearest you.


A gel mattress combines gel and foam with a spring base and upholstery that supports the whole system. The foam support has a viscoelastic material that allows contour of your body and gives a lower bouncing response. Like any other mattresses, a gel mattress also has its unique feature.

The mattress is effective because of the gel component. It absorbs your body’s heat and fully dashes it off, making you very comfortable. The uniform distribution of the gel across the layer makes it more efficient in its heat absorption feature. Thus, using a gel mattress not only gives comfort but a more relaxed and sound sleep.


The pillow-top mattress resembles a bed with an extra layer of pillow. It is the latest obsession of many because of the heavenly-like sleeping experience. But unlike your ordinary pillow, it is designed to stay permanently to the top of the outer cover. This layer is about two to four inches thick from materials like polyfoam, latex, or cotton.

This additional pillow or pillow topper is very suitable for side sleepers. It is designed to allow your shoulder and hip to sink and feel comfortable when you tuck. Its alignment is also very comfortable to your back that gives you a very cushiony feeling.

With all of the benefits of using the top pillow mattress, you would also experience a flaw that would make you think twice when buying. This type of mattress will likely shorten its lifespan once it already compresses. Make sure to use it correctly to manage its compression and extend the life span of the bed.


The use of waterbed dates back to 3600 BC when Persians used a goat-skin filled with water. But in the 19th-century, waterbeds evolved into rubber material made for hospital patients. And in 1968, Charles Hall invented a vinyl mattress waterbed. A project that came from a failed experiment supposedly using Jell-O and cornstarch as liquid furniture.

Waterbeds are made of vinyl mattresses filled with water. Before, water is filled using a hose, but today, it already has fill tubes called bladders used to contain the water inside, making it easier and more convenient to fill with water.

Modern-day waterbeds come with a device to control water temperatures. You can control temperatures according to what you want. You can increase the water temperature in the winter months to make it warmer, and you can make it cool as you wish. Lying on the bed with warm water gives a therapeutic effect and can relieve body pains.


Mattresses must be comfortable enough to give you sound sleep and a well-deserved rest. Your choice would depend on your needs and even your budget. Be well informed about your options and make the best choice for you.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.