Backyard Body and Beauty


Our back gardens are used for all sorts: BBQs, garden parties, creative projects, and chilling out, among others. But, with many of us resigned to our homes and back gardens over the course of the pandemic, without the ability to socialise in person, we’ve been finding new and wonderful ways to utilise our spaces to make the most out of lockdown.

Some people opted to build a new decking area upon which they could rest and relax with a book and a cuppa; others joined in the plant explosion and purchased huge varieties of plants and flowers to adorn their outdoor space; a few decided to feng-shui their outdoor space and build water-features and animal habitats to really up the ante on the mindfulness trend.

In this vein, we’ve put together a few suggestions for how you can utilise your outdoor space in your body and beauty routines – read on to see what you think! 

Outdoor Spa

Everyone’s dreamed of having their own, personal spa at home, right? A relaxing hot tub, a Scandi sauna, facial and skin treatments, a massage table…sounds pretty perfect.

This might seem like a far-off pipe dream but, with a bit of vision and some problem-solving skills, it’s not impossible. On sites like, you have the opportunity to browse through a comprehensive brochure full to the brim with a range of hot tubs and swim spas to suit a variety of budgets – so, whether you desire something a little more personal or want a giant feature for your garden, you’re bound to kickstart your backyard spa with the ideas available.

Creating a sauna/steam room may be a little trickier to do but can be achieved without breaking the bank if you’re thoughtful and thrifty about it. If you have an old shed in your garden that’s out of use, clean it up, add some wood protection, and a lick of paint to brighten it up, then add a portable facial steamer and voila – you have your very own steam room!   

Fitness Class

The benefits of exercising outside are countless, but it can be intimidating running or exercising in public, particularly if you’re a woman. A good compromise on this is to create a space in your garden that is dedicated to your fitness regime – you get all the benefits of the sun and fresh air around you, whilst sticking to your exercise routine! If you have a shed or garage, you can store any equipment you want to use in your workouts, knowing that it’s safe and unlikely to be damaged. That exercise ball you bought but didn’t dare take down the park because you were afraid of falling off? Now you can use it without fear of embarrassing yourself. You can even use apps or workout videos on your phone to work out along to, without having to pay for classes! 

Secret Garden ‘Dressing Room’ 

When applying makeup, the best lighting is natural light. As the summer approaches, why not take advantage of the longer days and (usually) better weather to glam yourself up? 

You can section off a secret nook in your garden and install a decorative mirror in the best position for the light to reach you, using old, shabby-chic furniture to store the products you might need. Decorate it with old vintage pieces from charity shops to get the full Hollywood-era style dressing room of your dreams, complete with an abundance of nature and perfect lighting!

Which of these backyard body and beauty ideas are you going to have a go at?

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.