Best Hairstyles For Fat Face


People thought that the best way to have a smaller and slimmer face is through exercising. Total Shape proves that diet and workout contribute a lot to good health and body figure. It’s definitely true but sometimes you need to add a little bit of creativity and fashion to complete the overall look.

Naturally, some are born with chubby cheeks and round faces. If you want to boost your weight loss, styling your hair is the best way to look thinner.  

Below are several haircuts that can make you look slimmer.

Pixie Cut

One of the popular hairstyles that can make you look like you lost 10 pounds is the pixie cut. This haircut matches both thin and thin hair. 

You can search for the best version of a pixie haircut that can suit you best. Honestly, it cuts out most of your hair. It still creates a slimming effect as your neck and shoulder will be shown more.

You can also request to soften the side and angles at the back of your hair for a more sophisticated aura. 

In case you are doing a DIY haircut, portion your hair at manageable sizes. A pixie cut should stand out in texture and emphasize your fresh look. 

Bob Cut

Castle bob or simply bob cut is perhaps the most prominent haircut for celebrities. This hairstyle literally came from the famous American ballerina Irene Castle. It happened when she decided to chop off her hair for convenience. The haircut itself is old but people start to recognize the trend even more when it’s popularized by a fashion icon dancer. 

Also, it is the most requested cut by women in the salon. The style is low maintenance because wavy and straight hair can both benefit from it. There are no special procedures needed. A bob cut should fall on the sides of your face covering parts of your face. It helps you look smaller.

Long Bob

Do you have a round or heart-shaped face with chubby cheeks? Come on! This is your best shot to achieve a slimming hairstyle. There is this popular version of it called the asymmetrical bob cut. It’s a cut where the style is shorter in the back and longer on the front.   

A long bob, or lob, is the most perfect hairstyle if you are tall. Choose a long bob at least four inches below your chin. It must extend down to your collarbone so it can complement your height as well. To complete the look, part your hair in the middle and let the hair fall side by side like a goddess.


Totally understandable! It’s a challenge to let the long hair go after a few months of growing. Sometimes you need to have a newer look that can improve your confidence. This one is good news. You’ll be overwhelmed to know that you don’t have to cut it either short or mid-length. 

Layers can style your hair in a way that retains the long and healthy strands and trims damaged ones. It will match any shape of the face. The hair size and weight will be in proportion to your face angles, especially in the hands of an expert hair stylist or designer. It elongates the face well and makes it younger. Layers volumize your hair. It is important to make your face look fuller and youthful. You can use a volumizing conditioner and blow it dry to achieve that fluffy smooth hair most specifically during special occasions. 


Whether we are aware or not, you had some type of bangs even once in your life. Maybe your parents chose that hairstyle when you were four. You have to admit it looks cute. Apart from that, it helps you cover certain parts of your face. If you have a wider forehead, you can have full bangs. Side-swept bangs are among the most famous bangs that you can sweep away with a hairclip clip. For those who have a round face, this gives your face more angles and shape. They can highlight your cheekbone and give them extra sharpness.


Do you think it’s all about haircuts? Absolutely not! If you don’t want to cut your hair the way it is, It’s time to level up your hair and create your preferred up-do style.

You can do a top level up, a fine up-do, or a messy-style up-do. This trick lets people focus on your whole head features rather than the face alone. It balances the attraction. The amazing part is that you can add braid touches and curls. 

Look in the mirror and mix and match different up-dos. You can wear this for any special day, even a simple staycation. It is always instagrammable and presentable in photos. It adds a little touch of drama and romance to your facial features.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.