Plus-Size Fashion Is Making These Experiences Far More Enjoyable


For plus-sized girls like me, many enjoyable activities are minefields. Going to the movies is fun until a character’s entire presence is an excuse for body-shaming jokes. Having dinner out with friends and family is great until one of them publicly shames you by caring about your nutritional health.

Clothes shopping is another activity I used to hate, as finding the right size was not just difficult, but soul destroying, with only some unflattering items available. However, plus-size fashion is trending more than ever, and there are far more options available.

Plus-size fashion is not just a way for us to look good, but makes a number of experiences a lot more enjoyable.

Going swimming

One of the most difficult experiences for plus-size women to enjoy is swimming. Most swimsuits require you to show a bit more skin than feels comfortable. Big swimsuits have always been incredibly unflattering, meaning many plus-size women choose to stay on the beach or on the side of the pool.

However, now there are great options for women’s plus-size swimwear. These swimsuits are fitted without making you feel exposed. They look good and feel good. You don’t have to choose between feeling uncomfortable and sitting on the sidelines.

It really makes a huge difference, and with summer coming up, plus-size swimwear ranges offer a huge relief.

Fancy restaurants

My friends love going to fancy restaurants once in a while. We make it an occasion. Everyone dresses up and we find a way to free up enough disposable income so as not to have to look at prices. It may seem self-indulgent, but occasional indulgence is important.

But I’ve always felt a bit like the odd one out. As if everyone else looked great while I looked like a mess. With great plus-size fashion available now, these nights out are a different story altogether.

It’s not that there weren’t exciting options before. They just weren’t accessible to people who didn’t have deep pockets. Now, getting a fitted outfit is easier than ever, even if it’s not yet a breeze. This makes it easier for me to feel like a participant in a classy night out, rather than someone along for the ride.


Isn’t it strange that most workout clothes seem to be made for people who don’t have all that much work to do? To me, playing sports or working out has often felt like an exercise in humiliation. Wearing shapeless clothing is embarrassing when I already feel like everyone is watching me.

Plus-size exercise gear is important as it removes one more barrier from healthy living. Society judges people who are plus-size as unhealthy, while making it more difficult for us to be healthy. When I feel good about what I’m wearing to the gym or while playing squash, I’m more motivated to continue.

Plus-size fashion really makes life easier for plus-size women. Not only do we have clothing we actually want to wear, but the way is also opened for us to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.