Younique Launches Luxuriously Creamy BEACHFRONT Body Cream


The new Younique product, BEACHFRONT body cream, is essential for your beach tote this summer. It works well on all skin types and is luxuriously creamy, leaving your skin glowing and looking fresh.

When tested, it felt like it went on smoother than butter and kept the skin feeling like silk long after applying it. How did the Younique beauty team manage to do this? The secret is in the plant-based ingredients, and you’ll be surprised to find out exactly what’s in it and how well they work.

The power of plant-based ingredients combined

The combination of the ingredients in this Younique body cream traps moisture in your skin, helping to smooth out any areas that previously felt dry. As well as looking healthier and more vibrant, it nourishes and conditions your skin with a burst of hydration.

It starts with Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin, which help the skin feel hydrated and smooth thanks to their water retention properties. Shea Butter contains antioxidants and is known to nourish and condition the skin. Finally, Grapefruit-Peel and Orange-Peel Extracts work together to help brighten the appearance of the skin.

Because it leaves your skin with such a scent it was also surprising to find out that this BEACHFRONT body cream wasn’t formulated with any synthetic fragrances. Apparently, the scent is all down to the fruit and floral extracts they’ve used.

Add tanning drops for the ultimate beach babe skin

Younique also offers BEACHFRONT tanning drops which will give you as soft or deep a tan as you want. The drops work well with the body cream because you literally add 1-12 of them with the cream and mix it before applying it to your exfoliated skin. 

If you want a lighter tan and just a hint of a summer glow, then start off with one drop or a few. If you want to look like you’ve already spent a full summer at the beach, then 12 will give you maximum impact and a deep bronze glow. 

Where can you get your hands on some?

You can buy Younique products conveniently online, as you would expect. However, the company has a unique business model in that it supports ladies (young and old) in starting their own business by becoming one of their Younique presenters.

Women who have recently stumbled across this gig have realized it wasn’t salespeople or third-party agencies marketing Younique products but their Younique presenters. It seems like a solid option because apart from being a well-known and trusted brand, they offer training and all the right tools to do the job. 

The gig economy has exploded in the last year due to the pandemic, and many people have shifted their mindset and job! It was already popular before with freelancers in certain industries, but now everyone is rushing to find a carefree job that has no bottom or upper limit to earning potential. 

The women who start their own business with this popular makeup company get to work from wherever they want and deal with products they like all day too! It seems relatively straightforward to sign-up, too, and the first step is to find a sponsor. Once you do that and get your free business website up and running, they say you’ll get marketing support.

With fabulous new products like this body cream being launched all the time, there should be a never ending supply of beauty items to sell.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.