Traveling to UK? 6 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance UK


While thinking about the UK, what strikes your mind? Stately homes, beautiful castles, cathedrals, relaxing beaches, and the list goes on. And, if you have finally planned your trip to UK, you are lucky enough. Besides, you must be eagerly looking forward to having a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

While packing all fancy things for your trip, do not forget to apply for travel insurance for UK in advance. While traveling to a foreign nation, it is important to travel with a safety cover to cope with the contingencies during the trip.

There are a number of hidden lucrative benefits of buying travel insurance for UK. Find below a few of them:

1. Trip Cancellation Benefits

Generally, people plan for a trip to UK well in advance and make prior bookings to enjoy a smooth trip. But, there is always a scope for an emergency that might arise around the date of your planned trip, leading to trip cancellation.

Therefore, it is advisable to stay covered under travel insurance for UK, as the insurer reimburses your deposits depending on your policy and the sum insured.

For instance, Mr. Ajay is an Indian, and he has bought travel insurance from India to UK. Unfortunately, he falls sick before 3 days of his departure from India and feels the need to cancel the trip. In this case, as he is covered under travel insurance for UK, the insurer will reimburse his deposits.

2. Baggage Loss/Delay Cover

While traveling, your baggage might get lost or delayed due to misdirection by the common carrier. And because of this delay, you might have to incur additional expenses. If you are covered under travel insurance, and the delay is for a considerable number of hours, the insurer compensates for the loss you had to incur due to the delay.

3. Lost Passport

Despite keeping it safe, you might lose or misplace your passport during the trip. Nonetheless, if you have bought travel insurance for UK, you need not worry about the same.

You can inform your insurance provider about the loss, and it will help you reissue the new passport or arrange a duplicate copy of your passport so that you can continue your trip smoothly.

4. Bounced Hotel/Airline Bookings

While planning your trip to UK, you must have made all your bookings in advance to have a hassle-free trip. But what if your hotel or airline bookings get bounced?

While being covered under travel insurance for UK, you can be worry-free about the amount you paid for hotel/airline bookings, as the insurer will reimburse the same.

5. Medical Assistance

While traveling to UK or any other foreign nation, medical assistance offered under travel insurance will prove to be of great help if you get injured or fall sick while being on your trip.

Besides the treatment cost, the insurer might also reimburse the cost incurred for the emergency transportation of the patient to a hospital and medical supplies. Therefore, it is advisable to stay covered under travel insurance.

6. Automatic Policy Extension

If your trip gets delayed due to any of the genuine reasons, like, flight delays, etc., the insurer might automatically extend your travel insurance for a couple of days, depending on the cause of delay and terms of your policy.

Is Travel Insurance For UK Profitable?

If you want to enjoy your long-awaited trip without any worries, it is unavoidable to buy travel insurance for UK and safeguard your trip comprehensively.

While considering all other factors, it is advisable to choose a reputable insurance provider, like TATA AIG, to ensure maximum coverage possible and immediate assistance, whenever required. You can easily apply for travel insurance for UK online through their website and contact their executives to seek help if you face any issues throughout the process.

Written by Megan Taylor
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