5 Fun & Stylish Gifts While We’re All Still in Quarantine


Who says quarantine can’t be fun? With summer almost here, and vaccines being ramped up, it’s definitely time to start thinking about what you want to get for your loved ones, when we can finally start to experience normal life again.

Here are 5 gift ideas to get you started.

1). Merch Tees & Apparel

If you know someone who likes to rock a brand, merch tees and apparel are a great way to go. Maybe they like a particular fashion design label; maybe they simply like a music group.

Whatever it is they like, giving them the gift of a tee-shirt or other apparel that is marked with that brand is a great way to indulge them. They’ll enjoy wearing it, and it will reflect who they are.

You should also consider an apparel subscription box that allows you or your gift recipient to personalize their clothing recommendations and receive curated outfits. For example, kidpik, a company that specializes in kids clothing subscription boxes, allows you to receive coordinated, personalized outfits that are curated just for the child you’re shopping for based on the results of a fun and interactive style quiz. This saves plenty of time when it comes to shopping for growing little ones. But no matter what your style is, there’s an apparel box out there for you.

2). Party Games

If your loved one likes to host dinner parties or other get-togethers, a nice party game or two might be the perfect thing for them. Party games can break the ice, encouraging people to interact with each other, and stimulate laughter.

Some common party games you may want to look into include What Do You Meme, in which players match caption cards to images; Taboo, where players have to guess a word without anyone saying it, and Cards Against Humanity, which is a risqué party game with a lot of cheeky humor, perfect for settings in which everyone can feel free to laugh and no one is likely to get offended.

3). Personalized Duffle Bag

A personalized duffle bag is a versatile gift, the perfect thing for someone who wants to do a lot of workouts and needs gym or yoga clothes on the go, or maybe a college student who needs to transport books and electronic devices across campus, or even a businessperson.

You’d be surprised by how much you can get into a duffel bag, and how versatile they are. The combination of plenty of space and over-the-shoulder strap means you can store a great deal – clothing or books or other things – and carry it around efficiently.

We’ve talked before about gifting a loved one with a romantic trip, and this is the perfect occasion for a personalized duffle bag. You might even make it a two-for-one surprise: hide the tickets or reservation info in the duffel bag, wrap it up, and put it under the tree.

4). Jewelry and Earrings

Does your loved one enjoy jewelry? If so, think about getting them a bracelet, necklace, set of earrings, or some combination. And if not, are you sure? You might be surprised by how well jewelry can compliment someone’s look, even someone who doesn’t usually wear jewelry.

There are obviously a lot of possibilities for women when it comes to jewelry, from earrings to personalized necklaces to bracelets. If you’re buying for a woman, maybe a sister, girlfriend, or sister-in-law, think about her style and her tastes. What does she like? What colors look good on her?

And if you’re buying for a man, don’t be shy to consider jewelry. Some men are rocking earrings these days, not to mention bracelets, belt buckles, chains, and rings. You’d be surprised the effect a tasteful piece of jewelry can have on a man’s look.

5). Phone Charging Accessories

So many of us spend a lot of time on our phones, and batteries getting drained is a common complaint. You probably have a phone charger for your car, like most people, but what about when you – or your loved one – is not anywhere near the car?

There are a few options here which can make things much easier for you or your loved one. Consider a mobile battery to provide a portable source of charge when you’re out. You might also pick up a nice charging dock or small portable charger for on-the-go recharging.

This is a really practical and useful gift that can also look really stylish, and help you or your loved one stay up to date on whatever may be going on.


It’s time to finish shopping for gifts for everyone who really matters in your life. These days it can be so difficult to find something that seems meaningful: everyone already has so much stuff.

That’s exactly why it’s such a good idea to focus on things that your loved one will really use and enjoy and find to be meaningful in some way. Hopefully the 5 ideas discussed here have given you some inspiration in a post Covid-19 world.