How To Dress To Impress For Every Occasion


Throughout life, it’s only normal to find yourself in a myriad of different roles and situations. From casual social gatherings with family and friends, to professional environments where you must look in top form, each situation requires a different ‘version’ of yourself.

No matter what occasion you find yourself involved in, you should always look your best. Your sparkling social skills and natural charm can go a long way, but how you dress will instantly shape someone’s perception of you.

Within this guide, learn how to dress to impress for every occasion.

How To Dress For…

The Office

Whether your office dress code consists of smart-casual or suits and heels, it’s important to remember that you should always look sharp and authoritative when in the professional sphere.

When dressing to suit a smart-casual dress code, a pair of chinos and a well-fitted blazer will be enough to keep men looking sophisticated. For women, black jeans and a smart blouse provides just the right balance between not-too-smart and not-too-casual.

If you work in a smart corporate office, males should opt for a plain dress shirt, tie and suit. Sticking to plain tones and colour palettes will make it easy to stick to the smart dress code five days a week. For women, mid-length dresses and heels radiate class and authority. You could even wear a feminine suit to stay in-line with current fashion trends.

Smart Social Events

From a business perspective, smart social events provide the perfect chance to network and prove your worth to clients. For this reason, it is important to have pieces in your wardrobe that can cater to such an occasion.

Unless at an awards ceremony that requires tuxedos and ball gowns, sticking to a smart and slightly casual nature will work wonders here. Men should wear suits, with a tie being optional depending on the style of the event. Women have a lot of options to play with, from smart suits right through to classy dresses.

While you have a lot of freedom with fashion at smart social events, never neglect the power of shoes. Keep them well-polished and avoid trainers at all costs!

Casual Social Events

Casual social events are far more relaxed than business networking events. However, an informal occasion does not call for sloppiness or poor decisions regarding what to wear. Maintaining a sense of style and refinement is key no matter who you are spending time with or what you are doing.

For men, teaming a pair of linen trousers with a polo shirt offers a classic yet relaxed look. When dressing during the winter months, the key is to layer up to create a cosy yet stylish appeal. A white collarless shirt and a soft grey blazer are also good go-to’s when paired with loafers or designer trainers.

For women, matching jeans with a smart shirt or blouse will be more than enough to impress at the family BBQ. If the weather is warm enough, floral summer dresses are also a great staple item to have in the wardrobe. Once again, you can team these outfits with designer trainers or sandals to look casual yet classy.


It’s safe to say that first impressions are incredibly important. This is particularly the case when it comes to dating. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, your clothes will be the first thing that your date sees. This is where luxury fashion can come in handy – luxury fashion helps to distinguish you from the rest, promoting both your class and wealth.

When it comes to luxury fashion and dressing for dates as a male, consider wearing dark-tone jeans, a button-down shirt and a pair of on-trend loafers. This outfit isn’t too ‘in-your-face’ but proves that you scrub up well and look after yourself.

As a female, dressing for dates gives you the freedom to play around with dresses, skirts, tailored trousers, smart tops – the list goes on. Don’t allow the venue to dictate your outfit – take control and choose somewhere that allows you to wear, and so be, your very best.

No Matter The Event, Show Up With Confidence

Whatever the occasion, the key is to keep on-trend and to maintain the signature style that you have created for yourself. With these tips in mind and an understanding of how to dress for every occasion, there’s nothing stopping you from asserting confidence and enjoying every plan thrown at you!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.