The Perfect Food and Drink to Accompany a Casino Night


Casino nights are quickly becoming one of the most popular party themes. Be it for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just for a night of fun with your friends, pulling off the perfect casino night requires a lot of delicate planning. Aside from what casino games to play, getting the correct food and drink to keep your guests happy is essential to a successful casino night. So, what sort of food and drink should you prepare for your casino night? And are there any other tips and tricks that you can employ to ensure your night goes off with a bang?


If you are playing host on a casino night, the balance between keeping your guests happy and making sure that your night goes off a success is a delicate one. Looking online can give you more time to entertain while letting your guests enjoy the casino games on offer. The live casino on Paddy Power Games provides not only the casino games but also the hosts. These casino games are broadcast live, with a human croupier dealing and helping to explain the games for you and your guests. These games can also let you interact with other gamblers at the tables, so should any of your friends be unable to make the night, they can still join in on the fun.


On your casino night, getting the right refreshments set up readily available for you and your guests should keep the night flowing smoothly. Not to be confused with the popular Lady Gaga hit, Poker Face is an apt cocktail for any casino night. Poker Face features two shots of tequila, one of triple sec and three shots of pineapple juice. For any wannabe James Bond, 007’s favorite cocktail, a vodka martini, is also a good option. The vodka martini is made by combining vodka, dry vermouth and ice – and to coin a famous line – is preferred “shaken, not stirred”. The vodka martini features in some of James Bond’s most famous scenes – including in the 1967 smash hit You Only Live Twice, where Bond is served Siamese vodka.


Serving food on a casino night is always advised, but what sort of food best suits the event? Rather than asking your guests to sit down for a full meal, having a buffet-style table available is a good option, as this allows people to focus on the casino games and drinks on offer. Classic nibbles like pretzels, chips and dips are always a favorite in casino nights, but for those wanting to go towards the slightly higher end of the scale, sliders, mini hot dogs and potato bites are advised. For any sweet-toothed guests, easy to prep mini desserts are advised, as these can be served as and when they may be needed.

Whilst having suitable casino games is a must for any casino night, this should not be prioritized ahead of food and drink options. With classy cocktails like the Poker Face and Vodka Martini – and buffet-style nibbles – you can ensure that any future casino night will go off as a huge hit for you and your friends.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.