What Should I Look for in Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Blue light glasses are very significant in blocking the blue lights from the digital screen. Blue light is dangerous to the eyes which can affect the functioning of eyes. It also gives rise to disturbed sleep patterns which lead to neurological disorders in severe cases. 

It is recommended by the physician to use blue light glasses in order to save your eyes from the effects of the blue light. However, before purchasing blue light glasses there are some factors that you should consider. It will be very beneficial for the health of your eyes. 

Blue light glasses provide health benefits along with a stylish appearance. Most people use it for styling purposes unaware of the health benefit it can provide for the eyes. There are some of the things that you should consider before purchasing blue light glasses. All these factors make them more effective and significant. 

1.Quality of Lenses 

Mostly a deep orange lens used in the blue light glasses which are designed specially to block out the blue light. Some of the companies provide the blue light with a low-quality lens which is not useful. Before purchasing blue light class, you must know the quality of the lens used. 

Ask the person you are buying the glasses from about all specifications. Do not buy them before you are satisfied with the lens quality. A high-quality lens that is specially designed for the blue light glasses should be used for the most beneficial results.

2.Color of Lenses

It is effective to Purchase blue light glasses with dark-colored lenses. Most light classes come with deep orange, yellow and dark red color? There are some dark Shades of Red and orange available in blue light glasses. 

The darker Shades are preferred on a priority basis because they blocked out most of the light. Darker lenses are also effective to use at night timeMake sure to prefer Dark lenses while purchasing blue light glasses.

3.Anti-Glare Coating 

Anti-glare coating is also one of the most important things that you should look at in blue light glasses. it limits the amount of blue light recent towards your eyes. Most of the light coming from a digital screen is deflected by the lens because of the anti-glare coating. 

This provides a clear and focused vision which makes it convenient to work for longer hours. Before purchasing blue light glasses you must ensure the anti-glare coating. It will give you the convenience of work along with safety for your eyes.

 4.Make Sure They Are Stylish 

 Digital screens are involved in our lives in all aspects. If you are an office worker it is obvious that you will be using the blue light glasses during office hours. Check the style of blue light glasses that you are purchasing because you will need them everywhere. 

Most of the blue light glasses are stylish by appearance However you should choose the style that suits your requirement and face. It will make your personality look graceful, providing you with an attractive look. 

5.Consider the Material 

If you purchase the blue light glasses from a high-quality brand they will last longer. It is advised to check the material and quality of the blue light glasses before purchasing them. They should be durable with the best quality material used. If you are using the blue light glasses for maintaining the health of your eyes, you must consider the material used in the glasses.

 It will provide you with an idea about the performance of the blue light glasses. Do not prefer blue glass made up of low-quality material just to save some money. Your eyes and health are more important than anything which is why you must purchase high-quality blue light glasses. 

6.Percentage of Blue Light Blockage 

Most of the blue light glasses come up with the percentage of blue light they can block. It is recommended to purchase the blue light which provides a high percentage of blocking the harmful blue light from digital screens. 

The percentage is usually given on the box which must be checked by you before buying it. You should go for a blocking percentage in the 90s; they are your best option. However, you can also purchase the blue light glasses providing blocking percentages in the 70s and 80s. The bluer light it blocks the more you will maintain the health of your eyes. 

Final Thoughts:

Blue light glasses are very significant in blocking the harmful blue light from digital screens. You should purchase good quality blue light glasses if you have to work on digital screens for a longer time. 

There are certain factors that you should consider before purchasing the blue light glasses. The most common things that you should consider are described above. Hopefully, they will help choose the best quality blue light glasses for maintaining the health of your eyes.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.