9 Best Cocktails That You Can Enjoy on a Budget from Home


After every hectic day, people like to get home and relax with their favorite drink. Be it red wine or just a can of your favorite beer, having a drink every now and then will help you relax. Many people like to have cocktails along with a little snack to relax. 

But can you go out every day to have fancy overpriced cocktails? Umm, it’s kind of impossible to go out every night, hit a bar, and order drinks that possibly cost you more money than a weeks’ worth of groceries. 

Well, that’s not a problem. 

There is a solution to everything. Even if it’s as creative as cocktail drinks. In this article, we will teach some 9 amazing cocktail recipes. Fancy, delicious, and of course giving you the buzz you are expecting, these cocktail recipes will allow you to get the party started. 

So, try these with your partner, on your own, or just have them at your next get-together with friends. 

Best Whiskey Sour 

Oh! The king of all cocktails. This right here is an amazing treat for our taste buds. For people obsessed with cocktails, you must know that this cocktail is listed officially on the International Bartender Association list of cocktails. Whiskey sour was introduced in the 1870s. Since then, it is an ever-evolving blend of tartness, sweetness, and booze. You can make this classic and party-friendly drink as follows: 

  • Whiskey (you can use any whiskey you like but, it is preferred to use bourbon whiskey). 
  • Maple syrup 
  • Lemon juice 
  • Cocktail cherry 
  • Orange peel garnish

Mix them well and serve chilled. 


With so many bad variants in the market, margaritas are considered as a cheapskate. However, it is far from the truth. The classic margarita is a fresh blend of ingredients like mint and alcohol that kick your senses up a notch. They are also a perfect drink to serve at a family-friendly event (not to kids of course). Serve them with a bowl of honey roasted cashews and it will be a tasty yet filling snack. A classic margarita made to perfection consists of the following ingredients: 

  • Silver tequila 
  • Cointreau
  • Lime juice 
  • mint
  • Salt (it for the rim of the glass) 

Mix them well and serve chilled.


It is the perfect blend of freshness and alcohol. The classic mojito originating from Cuba is one of the best drinks to tingle your taste buds. It might seem a bit too easy but, once made right, the mojito is a bubbly drink with a mild flavor profile that really gives you a buzz. Although the modern versions of mojito are sweeter, the original one is much more minty and nuanced. Think of your summer parties when sipping it in winters or enjoy it every evening in summers. Here’s how to make a classic mojito:

  • Rum 
  • Syrup 
  • Lime juice 
  • Fresh mint 

Mix them well and serve chilled.


The drink that gained popularity in the ’90s is still a hot favorite among many across the world. You just don’t have to be a classic New Yorker to love the cosmopolitan. Although many people started to know about the cosmopolitan from the famous and all-time favorite ‘Sex and the City’, the drink has certainly gained acceptance across different parts of the country. A fancy treat for people who like a bit of elegance in their cocktail. And no, you don’t have to be Carrie Bradshaw or a dainty fashionista to love it. Here is a recipe for this pink glass of deliciousness: 

  • Citrus vodka 
  • Cranberry juice 
  • Lime juice 
  • Cointreau 
  • Lime zest 

Mix them well and serve chilled.

Cashew Dipper 

If you have bulk cashews lying around in the house, it’s time to make a cashew dipper for cocktail night. The cashew dipper is a rare alcoholic choice but if prepared correctly, you can make this a hot favorite among your group. Even if they don’t like it, you can always enjoy it on your own. The mild flavor is perfect for people who don’t like strong-flavored drinks. The trick is to serve it extremely chilled. You need the following things to make it:

  • Cashew liquor 
  • Cream 
  • Cashew pulp 
  • Vodka 
  • Cashews 

Mix them well and serve chilled.

Moscow Mule 

A perfect treat for hot weather, your Moscow Mule can be a hot favorite for many people. Cocktails look best when they are served traditionally. The Moscow Mule is a classic when served in a copper vessel or a mug. You can serve it icy cold with lemon wedges and the freshness of ginger. Although it might have the name “Moscow” in it, people across the world can enjoy it. Sometimes it is also called a vodka buck. It’s a tad sweet so women can enjoy it despite the fairly masculine presentation. You can make the Moscow Mule as following: 

  • Ginger beer 
  • Vodka 
  • Lime juice

Mix them well and serve chilled.

Gin Fizz 

Although it is a simple recipe, it comprises sweet and tart flavor notes. Easy to make and simple to present, your Gin Fizz is really a taste bud blaster. If you like gin, there is no point in drinking it plain and bland. In fact, make a Gin Fizz and experience a bubbly, frothy journey. Although there is egg used in the recipe, vegans can make it with Aquafaba instead of egg. Enjoy the magic of Gin Fizz with the following ingredients: 

  • Gin 
  • Lemon juice (fresh) 
  • Maple syrup 
  • Lemon zest or lemon twist 
  • Soda water 
  • Egg white 

Mix them well and serve chilled.


Oh, nothing speaks Hollywood more than the classic martini. It has been around since 1863. Martini is a vintage drink and is regarded as the perfect sonnet created by the Americans. Whether you like honey-baked cashews or you just enjoy your drink with the standard olive in the glass, martini can become a top favorite if you make it right. Even though many people are confused about whether to use gin or vodka, professional bartenders are more inclined towards vodka. You can make a martini like this: 

  • Vodka 
  • Vermouth 
  • Lemon peels 
  • Pitted olives 

Mix them well and serve chilled.

Gin and Tonic

Oh, nothing is better than the simple gin and tonic. There is nothing more refreshing than this transparent cocktail. It has a botanical yet crisp taste. The most intriguing part about the cocktail is that it’s made from only 2 ingredients! Hit any bar or club in town and you will find a classic gin and tonic on the menu. You need to be careful when making gin and tonic. The ingredients you require are: 

  • Gin 
  • Tonic water 
  • Cucumber 
  • Rosemary 
  • Orange peels 
  • Lime or lemon

Mix them well and serve chilled.


Cocktails can be quite expensive if you hit the bars. There are a lot of cocktails that you can try. Hitting the bars and clubs to try cocktails is quite common but, for those who lack time and have a budget, cocktails at home could be a great way to enjoy the taste, get a buzz going and save those extra dollars. The cocktails discussed above are some of the most well-known and you can make them with the simple ingredients that are easily present in your home. Just keep your kids away from alcohol! 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.