Chic & Modern 2000s Hairstyles You Can Wear Now

Chic & Modern 2000s Hairstyles You Can Wear Now

Past trends have a way of coming back, especially when it comes to hair. The year has just started, and we’re already seeing vintage looks brought back to life by celebrities and Insta girls alike. Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid first opted for Y2K hair, and the rest of the world followed. If you’re searching for a distinctive way to spice up your look, 2000s hairstyles might be just the thing you need. Take a look at our gallery for some of the most popular modern Y2K hairstyles you can rock now.

modern 2000s hairstyles you can wear now
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Low double buns are among the most beloved 2000s hairstyles. You can leave a few spiky strands out to create a dramatic effect. Use hair gel for the top sections for a slick and put-together look.

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