Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Him


A whiff of romance marks the onset of the shortest and most adored month of the year. There is a certain ring to the name of February because why else would you start whistling Stevie Wonder and practice for imaginary sequences of Frank Sinatra! It is a month for the people who love and are loved, it is a month to express your admiration and care for your partner. No matter if your romance is cooking on simmer or you guys are already like an old married couple, the pangs during valentine’s week are equally high.

He loves you and you love him but a little gift with a thoughtful note on his side of the bed would make this month memorable for you. So, if you are fussing about a suitable present for someone special this valentine’s day, here are some ideas that may click with you.

Man with a plan-ner!

There is nothing sexier than a man who has his priorities sorted. Well we don’t know, you tell! If you are someone who is not into the mushy things on Valentine’s Day, a planner would be great to tell your man that you mean business! Obviously, when you think about a planner, it may not necessarily be a mundane brown diary but can be customized according to what your partner likes. A planner is the perfect gift for a man who loves organizing each and every aspect of his life.

The fitness junkie

So you drool over his toned abs and thighs and would not want him to turn into a couch potato anytime soon. Why not gift him something that would be a cherry on top of his protein shake! With a collection of sexy and sustainable underwear, you can totally up the game of your man’s wardrobe. The world has moved red hearts and chocolate boxes and nothing speaks of your love in a louder voice than gifting a carefully curated underwear collection! If you are new to the niche and are wondering what is new in men’s fashion, check out Daily Jocks to get gifting ideas for this February.

Grab a drink

Beer to a man is what bags are to women, an absolute necessity. If your man is a born host and loves to party, maybe a thoughtfully selected beer mug is what he needs. What more? You can even club it with a subscription from a craft brewery which will immediately brighten up his mood and mind you, not just for February!

The animal lover

If your man is an animal lover, maybe sharing your valentine with his favorite pet won’t hurt! No, we don’t expect you to leave a pet at his doorstep unannounced but a quirky gift which brags about his love for animals can do wonders to your plans for February 14. For starters, pick a cool accessory or home décor which speaks of his admiration for paw people!

The tech guy

A recent report says that the love for gadgets will soon supersede love for humans! Well, this credibility of the statement is questionable but the truth remains the same. You may have seen him checking out the latest Apple releases or browsing through this really cool gadget. It’s time to get it delivered at his doorstep and record the look on his face! Investing in a gadget during Valentine’s Day is an idea that can never go wrong. However, do take care of his requirements and do not purchase anything off brand!

The dapper duo

If your dapper game is going on point, here is your chance to accentuate it even more. If there is one accessory which immediately takes your formal dressing to an altogether professional front, it is the cufflinks. Customize your partner’s cufflink this valentine’s day and add a personal touch to your gift. You could inscribe it with an initial or add a memory that you two share. There are a plethora of options available for cufflink customization. If you man is a little too much into details, here is something that will cheer him up!

Love is in the air and maybe all over your laptop! Check out these thoughtful and out of the box gifting ideas and do tell what works for you!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.