Casino Royale Takes the Mantle as Top Gambling Movie of All Time


What do you get when you cross a high stakes poker game, a high octane car chase, glamorous locations, and explosive special effects?

That would of course be the ultimate James Bond blockbuster. While over the decades, we have become accustomed to seeing each of these movies having a number of these characteristics, perhaps none pull these off with as much pizazz or style as the 2006 box office screen-puller than Casino Royale.

It was essentially a new breed of James Bond movie encapsulating ‘out with the old, in with the new’ in a number of different ways. A medley of great casting, superb writing, and originality, this took the Bond franchise to new heights.

Also the movie, it could be argued that helped to launch new Bond, Daniel Craig’s career into the stratosphere, as far as Casino Royale was concerned, the sky certainly wasn’t the limit in terms of the movie’s potential success.

A status symbol for gambling fans?

While the film had most of the typical Bond-esque characteristics but with perhaps more artful undertones, there was without a doubt a main theme throughout; gambling; more specifically, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

As such, in a study undertaken by NewCasinoSites, which analyzed data from a number of sources of all of the gambling movies to then rank each one according to a percentage of the combined statistics, Casino Royale came out on top with an overall ranking of 87 percent.

For gambling fans, undoubtedly the main draw of the film was the intense poker game which featured Bond (eventually) going head-to-head with the main villain of the movie, Le Chiffre (played by Mads Mikkelson) in a few suspense-filled scenes.

Whether hardcore gambling fans (who may not have necessarily seen the movie) would agree that this could be classed as a gambling movie though, is up for debate, while there are those who are James Bond fans, who undoubtedly would have enjoyed their viewing experience.

What was the key characteristic of the movie?

There are many fans out there who would no doubt attribute the movie’s success to the role that Craig played and there is a hotly contested debate that he is the best 007 there has ever been – some accolade.

While great writing played a major part, Craig’s at times, masterful deadpan delivery and screen presence was definitely a key factor behind the movie’s success.

A supporting cast which of course featured the iconic Judi Dench as ‘M’, plus actress Eva Green and Mikkelson who excellently portrayed Le Chiffre made for a synergistic character combination.

Bond movies also have a distinctive style behind them that almost catapults them into an arena of their own. Their almost trademark inclusions of luxury cars, watches, and paradise adds an element of class, that arguably romanticized what it is like to be an MI6 agent, adds another dimension to the movies, though there can be no doubt that there was an almost graceful subtlety to the way that this particular Bond movie portrayed these.

Written by Megan Taylor
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