5 Things to Expect When You Visit Singapore


Singapore is one of the most incredible destinations in South East Asia. Every visitor would find something interesting in this diverse island country. It is a futuristic urban center with all the glitz of modern buildings, cultural markets, and food streets. Singapore has an odd combination of many cultures, making it bear some resemblance to other parts, but you will still feel some uniqueness that reminds you that you are on new turf. Regardless of the familiarity it gives you, Singapore has a set of unique customs and laws.

It is helpful to familiarize yourself with a few things about Singapore to know what to expect. Whether you will be in there for a few days or intend to spend longer than usual, you will want to inform yourself more as you book your Chennai to Singapore flight.

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You can stroll around the streets of Singapore.

It is quite surprising, but you can walk almost anywhere in Singapore. It is a lovely walkable city with colorful streets that will keep you busy the whole time as you soak in the vibe. Little India, Jalan Besar, and Haji lane make good strolling areas if you are a first-timer in this city-island. However, if you don’t want to walk around, Singapore has an impressive public transportation-the MRT that can take you anywhere. Taxis are also at your service if you don’t want to go through the hassle of public transportation.

Local foods are a must-have

You will surely love Singaporean cuisine, especially noodle spiced soup, chili crab, chicken rice, among others. You can choose to eat at high-end restaurants and pay more for the local cuisine or eat at small sidewalk cafes for as little as five dollars. From fresh fish, smoothies, salads, a bowl of papadums, and saag to all sorts of desserts, there are all kinds of local foods to taste. Tap water is safe to drink here, and you can always carry your refillable bottle around for some.

It is one of the safest cities.

Do not worry about your safety when moving around Singapore. It is one of the safest cities you can ever be in. Singaporean laws have hefty punishments for crimes, which discourages such cases. Whether you are a female traveler who likes to be extra cautious or a traveler who moves around with expensive photograph equipment, you have nothing to worry about while in Singapore. However, insuring your gear is very important, and don’t make yourself a target.

Expect to meet a diverse culture.

Being in Singapore is like traveling to different parts of the world only in one city. It has snippets of all kinds of cultures everywhere. It is a multicultural island city with everything for every visitor. Another thing that makes Singapore interesting is that you can travel to another country during your daily trips. Singapore borders Malaysia to the north and Indonesia to the south, which means you can take a daily trip to another country and back.

It is a hot and humid city.

Singapore is a hot and humid city so expect to sweat a lot during the day. Carry lightweight clothes such as summer outfits to keep you cool. The residents love their air conditioning, so hop into a cafe to cool off if you feel too hot.


English is a prevalent language in Singapore, making it easy for a new visitor to cope.

Written by Megan Taylor
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