Eye Care: Why Do You Need to Have Blue Light Glasses


Today, almost every one of us works using computers, smartphones and other digital gadgets during leisure time. These digital screens emit blue light, which can cause severe eye problems. Also, stepping outside into sunlight is not suitable for our eyes. And this is where the use of glasses with blue light protection comes in. 

Today, Livho blue light blocking glasses are on-trend. Many people love them due to  their stylish frames and anti-glare lens that allows you to see through the clear lens without dizziness. Not only that, but the material is made of Acetate and TR90, which means it is a quality product. 

Want to know more? Let’s find out more reasons why you should have these kinds of glasses. 

Why Do We Need to Avoid Blue Light? 

According to the WebMD, sunlight and digital screens contain red, yellow, orange, green, and blue light rays. The energy depends on the wavelength of individual beams, and those lights with short wavelengths have less energy than those with short wavelengths like blue light. 

Blue light has the most potent energy among all those colors, and our eyes do not have natural blockers against blue light. Also, this type of light activates the brain to delay the sleep hormone, which makes it difficult for you to have a good night’s sleep. As such, it is necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to the blue light.

Benefits of Using Blue Light Eyeglasses

Good Sleep 

Excessive blue light can stop the release of the sleeping hormone or melatonin. When we browse our phones, tablets, and computers, we can’t go to sleep right away. The high energy frequency by the blue light increases alertness and delays the release of sleep hormones. 

Thus, through using blue light blocking glasses, you can lower the impact of the blue light. It is also best to stop using gadgets 2-3 hours before sleeping. You can set a specific time until when you can use your smartphone or computer. By doing this,  you can go to bed early while you are still tired and can sleep right away. 

Reduce the Risk of AMD 

Age-Related Macular Degeneration is an eye problem that usually occurs in older adults over the age of fifty. Common symptoms of this disease are wet and dry eyes. And if not treated properly, it can lead to blindness. However, excessive exposure can develop this eye illness  at an early age. 

To prevent this problem, using the said glasses can help you out. Especially nowadays, our daily work usually involves using computers and other technology that has a blue light. 

Reduce Eye Discomfort

Many of us suffer from eye discomfort, itchiness, and sometimes infection, especially after a long day facing our computers at work or in the sun. It is undeniable that we can’t avoid gadgets for the rest of our life, since they are already part of our daily routine. 

However, we don’t need to suffer. All of these eye problems can be avoided using blue light eyeglasses. Make sure to get this kind of protection, especially when working all day in front of your computer. 

Now if you are already experiencing severe eye problems, it is best to talk to an optical specialist and have your eyesight checked. Remember that this eyeglass is  not treatment, it only helps lessen your exposure to the blue light.

Reduce the Risk of Eye Strain

Since blue light is a scattered, unfocused light which decreases contrast, it can affect a person that results in headaches, neck pain, and distorted vision. This then leads to a digital eye strain. 

Now this is where our protective glasses enter the scenario. Research has shown that lenses that block out blue light improve contrast dramatically. When viewing digital devices for extended periods, computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses can increase comfort levels.

The Bright Side of Blue Light

Everything in moderation is good, and it’s the same with blue light. It benefits us in so many ways if not abused. For instance, it can boost alertness and give you energy when doing some activity like jogging in the morning. 

It can also help your memory and raise your mood. When you feel tired, bored, and weak, you always look at your phone and browse until you regain your energy again. However, when you expose yourself to too much blue light, that’s when it becomes a problem. 


It is a must to take care of our eyes. And excessive exposure to blue light can cause many eye problems, but this should not stop us from being productive and enjoy technology. You can wear blue light glasses which you can easily find at www.livho.com, so you can minimize the harmful effects our gadgets give us.

If not sure how light blue glasses work on you, seek help from experts and check your eyesight. Getting enough sleep and a proper diet can also help in keeping your eyes healthy.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.