Natural Ways to Keep Your Youthful Glow


The aging process is natural, and there’s really nothing you can do to reverse it completely. What’s more, you also shouldn’t be focusing solely on your looks. Unfortunately, some people get so entangled in their efforts to maintain a youthful appearance that they very often do it at the expense of their overall health.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should make peace with all the changes happening to your body. On the contrary – and there are things that will not only help you feel but also look younger. Your skin is an excellent example. Skin aging is not only about wrinkles and fine lines – these changes, dryness, and dehydration might also be merely symptoms of a more complex issue in your body.

By addressing these problems, you will slow the visual signs of aging while also providing your organism with the necessary nutrients for staying strong, even as the years go by. In this article, we will focus mainly on harmless, natural ways that may help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Follow the Right Diet

Eating the right foods is essential to support skin health. You have probably heard countless pieces of advice on what to eat and what to avoid to prevent or reduce acne – this is one of the most common issues when it comes to the link between food and skin. However, by eating properly, you can also significantly reduce the signs of aging.

Collagen is the protein providing a support structure to your body. Among other things, it keeps your skin smooth and glowing. Sadly, somewhen after the age of 25, our organisms produce less and less of this substance – that’s when your skin starts to become thinner and less elastic.

Luckily, there are ways to boost collagen production as you age. You can choose one of the numerous supplements available on the market, such as Keto Collagen, which may not be 100% natural but are certainly harmless. For some people, it might even be the only truly effective way.

But there are also different foods you can introduce into your diet with that purpose – and it may turn out to be enough.

Apart from collagen, you can also keep your skin healthy by taking care of your gut. You’d be surprised how much it influences your general condition, even mental health.

Boost Your Vitamin C Levels

Vitamin C is essential for collagen production, as it supports your body’s fight with free radicals, waste products from the processes occurring in your organism. You can increase your intake of this vitamin by eating, e.g., leafy green vegetables, berries, red peppers, citruses, tomatoes, or kiwis.

Provide Antioxidants in General

Ascorbic acid that you can find in vitamin C is only one of many beneficial antioxidants – and many of them can help you fight free radicals and boost collagen production. So, make sure to consume green tea, dark, unsweetened chocolate, pecans, or kale.

Some studies suggest that drinking green tea twice a day may even reverse sun damage on your skin.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Eating less sugar will benefit not only your skin but your overall health. In terms of skin, however, high sugar intake can even be more harmful than excess sun exposure, and it causes a much wider variety of skin problems.

Drink Enough Water

Dehydrated and dry skin is one of the most common signs of aging, as it also loses the ability to moisturize itself, which makes it thin and wrinkled. It is recommended to drink at least 1 1/2 liters of water daily, plus, find the suitable moisturizer – for example, apply a serum with hyaluronic acid and include a moisturizing face mask into your skincare routine once in several days.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

This is true for people of all genders and ages – while sun exposure is vital for vitamin D production, you should wear a clear, mineral-based SPF whenever you leave your house, no matter the season or the weather. Otherwise, you will dehydrate your skin, decrease collagen levels, and even risk skin cancer. If you have a very sunny apartment or house, it is even advised to wear a light sunscreen inside.

Exfoliate Carefully

Getting rid of dead skin cells regularly will help your skin stay healthy and glowing. However, you need to remain careful to avoid harsh scrubbing that can hurt your skin, especially on your face. Harsh soaps and scrubs will strip away also the beneficial elements – your microbiome – such as essential oils or the good bacteria.

You can easily find a light toner or cleanser specially prepared to dissolve dead skin cells – use it daily to smoothen your face. It will also improve your skin’s absorption properties, so beauty creams and other products will work better. To boost your microbiome, you may include cream or serum containing pre- and probiotics into your routine.

Massage Your Face

There’s a long list of benefits to a face massage. First of all, it simply makes you feel great, as it’s enjoyable. Moreover, it lessens tension and helps you stop frowning, thus reducing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Last but not least, it improves circulation, keeping your cells healthy and less dry.

Use Natural Skincare Products

It is not easy to find a cream or any other product that won’t contain any chemicals, but it is not impossible. However, it may be enough to learn which ingredients you should avoid and which do not affect your skin. After all, you want to keep your skin healthy and youthful while some chemicals may even speed up the aging process. The natural products are mostly plant-based, but you always need to make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredient.

The same goes for cleaning chemicals – your skin absorbs them, even if you wear gloves – so try avoiding the most toxic ones.

Take Care of Yourself

In general, all the health problems will sooner or later be reflected in your appearance. Therefore, it is essential to take a holistic approach and simply take care of yourself. Even exercising has a direct influence on your glowing skin, as it improves circulation. Glowing skin doesn’t only look great, but it may also be an indicator of good health.Moreover, we recommend people of all ages to follow these tips. Aging processes start occurring in our bodies more or less after we turn 25. So, as you can see, anti-aging beauty products and skin care tips are not aimed at the elderly or even middle-aged people. The sooner you begi

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.