53 Sparkling Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas

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11. Sparkling Midnight Mani

Cool colors are always great additions for Christmas nail designs, and here they use a shiny blue gel color, a glittering turquoise and a defining gold line, all of which create a sort of reverse manicure. With the shorter color being nearer to the cuticle it is an interesting take that is still really pretty.

12. Framed Deep Blue Marble

This is another favorite holiday nail design on the list; it’s intricate and hypnotic. The framing gold designs are very cool to look at and unexpected. I am sure we’ll see much more of this style in the future. The gold is a bright, shining contrast that lends a defining detail to the shining teal and blue marble nail designs.

Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas


13. Designs Over Nude

As holiday nail art designs go, a favorite style will typically include the use of silver or gold somewhere. In this design, we have gold foil and gold leaf to give completely unique designs to the overall look of the manicure. The intricate white lines also give the design an upscale feel that does not take away from the holiday themed aesthetic.

Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas


14. Lots of Marbling

Gold leaf and cool techniques are credited as elevating this holiday nail art design. The gold leaf creates a shimmering marble appearance and accents the black and white marble nails. I love the tiny gold triangles that accent the black and white nail as well.

15. Matte Cute

Matte gives an almost soft appearance to nail designs, and in this holiday nail art design, the polka dots and accent heart look darling. The glittering middle nail is a great accent as well, but I most love the coordination between the colors that create the overall effect.

Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas


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