Charge a Vape Pen Without a Charger


The vape pen is being so popular among both the young and adult generation. The idea of a vape pen comes from an alternative way of the traditional cigarette. The vape pen is an electronic device operated by a battery used to take in nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals.

The device is known as an e-cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery system, wax pen, vaporizer pen, dab pen, vapor pen similar to the traditional cigarette structure and our daily items like pen or USB portals. This vape pen’s design and appearance are very lucrative that attract the people holding liquid, tempered by an atomizer exempting vapor taking nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals.


Style, performance, durability can make a vape pen better. Companies now add some settings like temperature or voltage. A vape pen has only one button control and LCD. The essential advantages of a vape pen are its size and portability. The vape pen usually manufactures not only a user-friendly device but also a hard-hitting one. The best vape pen device of 2020 is Morpheus 100 Watt Vape pen, Khan Dry Hard Vaporizer, Amber Rose by kandypens and many more. Size, battery capacity, high power output, and portability are the specialty of these devices that make them the best product.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons of these vape pen mods. The best device has the availability of battery and tank upgrades. The battery is long-lasting and easy to use for a long time. It also takes a short time to recharge through USB charging and has multiple battery capacity options. Good flavor and high vapor production can make the device special from others. However, an outlook-like device casing can not be used while charging is considered the negative side of these pens.

Effect of using the wrong charger

A vape pen device is generally functioned by a battery. So it is not possible to charge a device without the right charger. There has been some news about the vape pen explosion and causing everything to burn injuries. Users lost their teeth or part of their jaw with others during a massive explosion. The reason behind this type of accident is related to the battery and overcharging the device. 

Overcharging can lead to battery capacity loss, shorten the battery’s lifetime, and cause an explosion. A question comes into mind what if you charge a vape pen without a charge, or how would I set a vape pen without a proper charger? A vape pen requires a steady voltage current that most of the chargers do not offer much. Many chargers seem to be expected and are off by 0.1 V that can fry the onboard circuitry.

Most of the vape pens need 3.7V-5V to charge up. If you do not have a proper charger, then you can not use the device, unfortunately.  The wrong charger can hamper your safety, but if you find another charger with an accurate voltage, then the device may work. It should remember that the thread is negative, and the 510 point is positive. However, there are some types of batteries belonging to each vape pen.

Charging with the phone charger

Charging your dab with a phone charger is quite risky. A phone charger can easily lead to an explosion. The element of these batteries is lithium. That’s why a phone charger charges higher than the original charger—as a result, overheating causes an explosion or fire. If you use other built-in chargers except for a phone charger, you must be concerned about the right current and voltage.

Charging with USB

Also, charging your vape mod through a USB seems risky if the USB would break or if the connection would lose on a device that can have up to nine AMPS running, creating smoke and spark pouring out the charging point.

About Puffco Peak Dab Rig

Puffco Peak Dab Rig Vaporizer is one of the devices used for consuming cannabis wax. The dab rig is a specialized pipe that is designed for finishing cannabis wax along with other concentrations. The puffco dab rig is different from any other mod of vaping—the most noteworthy feature of this dab of its heat setting, which is quite different from others. Puffco Dab Rig has four unique heat options that make it an uncommon dab rig in the market.

If you are very devoted to smoke outside with different flavors and excited to puff bigger than the cloud, then the dab rig is suitable for you. The dab rig can fulfill your expectation of what you are looking for.

Advantages of Puffco Peak Dab Rig

The device is user-friendly, whether you are a new user or not. The device does not disappoint you. Another extraordinary feature of this device is its battery life, which is a vital requirement of consumers. Most of the consumer’s complaints are about their device battery life. This device is designed with a remarkable battery capacity, which is better than around thirty dabs before it will need recharging. 

The charge of this dab performs very well. The supercharger can charge the battery entirely within just 2 hours, and that is really outstanding! Puffco Peak Dab Rig kit provides case, tether, cleaning swabs, a loading tool, and micro USB cable with the supercharger that makes the equipment exclusive to the consumers.

The vape pen is usually used as an alternative and safe smoking tool, but it is not the right method for quitting smoke. Also, the device has some complications. Consumers sometimes mix and match the batteries with the different charge that causes an accident.

Consumers should read the manufacturer’s instructions first and then charge it with a specific charger and try not to use dab while recharging. Phone charger or another USB cable can make any occurrence if they do not match with the device. Moreover, charging a vape pen without a specific charger is quite risky because all the devices that do not correspond with the charger because of explosive occurrence can be increased.